Take the time to take your time

These past few weeks I have been very busy. I even told a friend that I didn’t have time to think about the holidays because I had so much to get done. Then I kept getting messages about slowing down. It first happened when I was getting ready to take some shirts to the dry cleaners and I heard on the inside that I should wash them and iron them. I thought it didn’t make sense because I just had so much on my plate. I did listen to the suggestion and I took the time to iron a few shirts. It first felt like wasted time but I quickly realized that God wanted to show me something. He downloaded a bunch of messages that made me go “Wow” a few times.

God is patient and He takes His time. He doesn’t want His children to rush around all the time and not enjoy the moment. Ironing the shirts was very relaxing and very informative. The Lord took me down the road of past blessings and told me not to let my past blessings block my future blessings. What did He mean by that? It is important to reminisce and thank the Lord for what He has done but we shouldn’t get stuck in the past to the point where what we expect in the future is similar to what happened. God is a creative God and He has no limits when it comes to blessing us. Our faith needs to be stirred up and it needs to grow. We should take what happened for what it was and expect even bigger in the future. We should also stay away from speculating how and when God is going to bless us. We go from glory to glory with the Lord and not from glory to maybe.

Ironing was a nice way to slow down and take my time. With every wrinkle came an appreciation for the moment. It gave me a good sense of accomplishment as well and I ended up with more than I had bargained for. I was able to focus and just let the Lord talk. When we are so busy with our lives, we cannot hear Him well. It doesn’t mean that He stops talking when we are busy. We are more inclined to let our distractions take over while God is trying to get our attention. God speaks in some of the most unusual ways. Ironing was a fountain of revelations for me. Who would have thought? I was all about getting the shirts laundered. I saved money and I saved myself from missing out on some precious messages. The ironing experience had some ripple effects. Instead of putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, I wash them by hand more often and I delve into this meditative state as well. It is quite a glorious time because I use the time to praise the Lord. I sing to Him while washing the dishes. I take a praise break. There is power in setting time aside to praise the Lord during the day. It helps you deal with overthinking or worrying. Next time you do the dishes, have a praise and worship session. Take your time to enjoy the Lord.

When you take time to take your time, you see what God is doing in your life. You see the little things that you can easily miss when you are busy. There is so much happening around us and it is good to recognize what the Lord is creating in our lives. God loves to see things develop. There are developments happening in our lives and we need to go at a slower pace to appreciate them. God doesn’t operate where there is chaos, commotion and confusion. He is God so He can do anything but it is when we are calm that we can hear Him and see Him in action. I hope you are encouraged today to find ways you can slow down. Take a walk, paint, draw, bake, cook. Do whatever it takes to take the time to listen to the sweet and gentle voice of the Lord. He is in the silence. He is in the slow pace. Enjoy your time with Him as you take time to take your time!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 13:4-5; Romans 5:2-4; 2 Peter 3:9

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