When faith goes up, mountains come down

Our faith can move mountains. As a kid I took this verse literally and I thought it was just impossible. That encouragement from the Bible is about the impossible made possible. The mountains in our lives can be moved by our faith. Mountains in the natural appear as massive structures that are unmovable. Has anyone ever moved a mountain in the physical? Yes, I believe explosives are involved and it takes a lot of time and money. Some major manpower is required as well. A single man cannot move mountains in the natural. Man’s way of conquering mountains has been to climb up to the top of the highest mountains. Trying to uproot a mountain in the natural is not something that we would think to do if the mountain was in the way unless it was part of a big initiative from a government or a big group of landscapers.

A mountain is a very hard thing to move and I love that idea. The Lord tells us that our faith can move structures that are very hard to move. Our faith can go beyond what we see in the natural and what we could do on our own. There is great power in faith and that power needs to be brought to our attention. The power to change lives, the power to see miracles, the power to see healing, the power of blessings are all in the hands of faith. Faith with love creates miracles and beautiful things. Signs and wonders are results of faith and love. God can give us signs and wonders and the whole experience stems from love, from His love. Our faith in God’s wonders based on love can usher us into a place where we see signs and wonders. Faith is extremely more powerful than we think and my prayer is that we learn to grow in faith and love. We can’t have faith without love and love from God works wonders with faith. Today I want to encourage you to look at faith and focus on how it works and what it can do in your life. As you step out in faith, your mountains will step out of the way!

Faith in God is defined as the complete trust or confidence in God. Does it imply that there are different levels of faith? I believe so. We can have some degree of trust in God. We can trust God for some things and not believe that He can do other things. Healing is one of the areas where more faith is needed in Christian circles these days. God has not changed so God can still heal but we don’t see many healings taking place because our faith in healing has not been developed as much as it should be. Healing is not taught in some churches therefore people can’t have faith in it. Faith comes from what we hear over and over again. If all we hear is that Jesus used to heal than we will have faith in the fact that healing is not for us today. I want my faith in God to be complete trust and confidence in Him. Notice the word “complete” here. I am not interested in partial faith. I want to go all the way.

Complete faith in God is a faith that perseveres and that doesn’t waver. In order to grow in faith, we have to maintain faith. We have to exercise it. We have to apply it to every situation in our lives. Faith doesn’t care what areas of our lives needs it. Faith covers every part of our lives. It’s up to us to let it do what it’s supposed to do in every part of our lives or we can compartmentalize it and save it for certain things. I challenge you to blanket your life with faith. Let faith cover every part. Your life is the bed you sleep on and faith should be covering you from head to toe so you don’t get cold when problems try to freeze your toes or when they try to give you a head cold. Faith is only effective when it is applied. Jesus said “Your faith has healed you.” Do you think dormant faith did the job there? No. Active faith healed and it still does today.

Your biggest mountains can be removed by faith. Start by applying your faith to hills and heaps and move on to the bigger elevations as your faith grows. Apply your faith to the simple things in life. Stay in the Word of God so you can feed your faith and then go out in faith into the world and start tearing down mountains. God is much bigger than any elevations that might stand in your way. The mountain of debts can be slashed by faith. The mountain of fear can be removed by faith and love. Don’t let the mountains intimidate you. God has given you something so powerful that mountains tremble when it is used with love. Develop your faith. Keep it strong. Be consistent. Be perseverant. Don’t give up. Faith doesn’t give up. It keeps going even when the mountain keeps standing. Stay in faith and God will clear your path of even the biggest mountains. When faith goes up, mountains come down!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:10; Mark 11:22-24; Hebrews 11:1

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