A call to walk in love despite conflicts

If you follow some Christian groups or leaders on social media, you must have read about some of the clashes that have been taking place among them lately. They don’t seem to agree and get along. If you are from this political party or from that party, it creates friction. You can’t follow this person because you might be deemed as a traitor. According to some leaders, God is only found in one political party and if you belong to a different party, you are living in sin. It is crazy how politics have grown roots in Christianity and vice versa. I never thought Jesus was going to take a stand and criticize all that are not in His party. Why did that never cross my mind? Well because Jesus doesn’t act like that. He stood with the ones people rejected in society. He bent people’s views of life. He loved the unlovable ones and He welcomed the ones people despised. Would Jesus be the same way nowadays?

The Bible doesn’t say that Jesus has changed. As far as I know  He is still the incarnation of love and I truly believe with all my being that He will never ever change. The problem is that we all have ways we perceive Jesus and we present Him according to how we see Him. We project the Jesus we have in our minds more than we present the One we have in our hearts. Our minds have taken over our belief system and it has injected principles, ideas and opinions that are our own and not the Lord’s. How can we feed the homeless with one hand and starve the ones who are looking for love by depriving them with the other hand? We pour money into charities and we empty our hearts of love with other actions. Every time we reject and segregate people, we take love out of our hearts and replace it with judgement and man-made opinions. 

If people can’t find love in the Church, where are they going to find it? Clashes and conflicts don’t look good on the face of the Church. It gives the Church a frown instead of a smile. I know of people who are turned off by the Church because they find it to be too rigid and too judgmental. There is a distorted image of Jesus that is being broadcasted in the world and it hurts the body of God more than it helps it. I don’t think it is wrong to be involved in politics. I find it difficult when our political views strip our messages off love. I think this goes for anything in life. If what we do and what we believe in take love out of the equation, there has to be some type of readjustment or recalibration. The question is what are we standing for? Who are we mirroring? Is our message tarnished or is it filled with God’s love? It is when our back is against the wall that our true colors come out. My prayer is that our true colors are always the colors of God’s love no matter what party we belong to or what job we have. Our main job is to love God and love others. If we compromise our job by changing its description, we are susceptible to do a poor job. In the natural, if our job is to review applications for instance but instead we file them without reading them, we can’t be considered good workers. Love can’t be filed away and replaced by actions that we regard as being more important even though they don’t reflect love.

Where do we go from here? How can we help fix this situation? I have stayed away from social media these past few days so I don’t have to read the anger and the hate that is publicly displayed. However, I can’t be silent. I am not saying that I need to denounce specific groups and leaders. I am saying that I feel the need to call for truce and call for peace. I strongly believe that we can be part of the solution if we mirror Jesus for everyone. If we continue to walk in love and be great models, we will touch people. We can be Jesus to everyone even to those who are established in the Church and who are very influential. We can be the influence that influences the influencers. I know a few people who live by example and who inspire me and encourage me to be more like Jesus all the time. I have learned that even though we can have great role models, Jesus is the ultimate model and He should be followed despite what people say. When we follow the Lord against all odds, we can’t go wrong. When we look to Him for inspiration, for direction and for aspiration, we are always heading in the right direction. Conflicts and disagreements are bound to happen even in the Christian world but Jesus’ imitators can help make things better. Let’s stand for love and for the Lord. Let’s be the Church that acts in love all the time. No more how popular or unpopular it is!

Suggested reading: John 13:34; Ephesians 5:2; 2 John 1:6

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