Your “day one” starts today

I was browsing the internet the other day and I saw a saying that goes “One day or day one? You decide.” I found that approach very interesting and I meditated on it for some time. I don’t think I came across it by accident. God uses all kinds of messages to reach us and to teach us. I was getting a lesson and I was willing to go with it and learn as much as I could. It is good to have hope and to believe that one day we will get what we need or what we want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting for that one day. What matters in my opinion, is how we wait for that one day. What are we doing while we are in the hallway of expectations waiting for the door of blessings to open? Are we putting everything on hold until our breakthrough or are we living it up, rejoicing and staying full of hope?

I have to admit that I used to put everything on hold while my miracle was on its way. I used to hope for the best with half of my heart and expect the worst with the other half. “One day” sounded good but in actuality it often seemed impossible. God’s version of “One day” is different from ours. For Him “One day” means that it will definitely happen and it will happen in His timing. “One day” for a lot of us means “One day maybe but most likely never.” Friend, side with God and trust in His version of “One day.” That one day will come. It is already in the pipeline and God has the best timing for it. Until “one day”, enjoy every day. Until “one day”, learn to see the beauty in every day.

My message today is to encourage you to turn your “one day” into your “day one.” Let today be the start of new expectations and new revelations. We all need a breakthrough, a blessing or a miracle and we can decide to start embracing joy and peace today as we wait for the day when the breakthrough comes. Day one of our new way of waiting and expecting can start today. We can make up our minds and declare  that a new beginning is here. What can your day one look like? It can look like the best new initiative in a long time. It can be the start of embracing life and especially embracing the Lord today.

The miracle will come, the breakthrough will take place, the blessing will show up but another major truth is that the biggest miracle of all is here today. Jesus, the Savior of the world, is with you here and now. Today can be day one of adopting a new attitude that always focuses on seeing Jesus and on fixing our eyes on Him at all times. A life lived with the consciousness of the Lord every day is a great life. The miracle maker, the breakthrough creator and the blessing giver is here today, day one! A new beginning is a great beginning when it causes us to praise the Lord more than ever!

Your “one day” is happening today, friend. Let your “day one” be a day of celebration. Leave all your worries behind. Take them, name them and give them to the Lord. Ask Him to carry them and deal with them for you. He will. He did on the cross and you can expect it to become a reality every time you cast your cares on Him. Refuse to worry but instead accept to worship. Day one is the start of a new way of thinking, of speaking and of acting. It’s the first day of praise over pessimism. It’s an injection of optimism into your day. It’s the desire to see the glass as half full and not as half empty. It’s the strong decision to lift up Jesus and bring down doubts.

Day one of a big change is a beautiful new start. No more waiting in fear. No more waiting with doubt on your mind. No more hoping halfheartedly. Your needs will be met. Your blessing is on the way. Praise God for it before you see it. Praise the Lord for it every day. You can decide how you are going to react to what happens to you. React with praise. React with patience. React with faith. React with Jesus. Your “one day” starts today!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:7; Proverbs 14:29; Colossians 3:12

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