When I talk about what God has done in my life…

The Lord has changed my life so many times and in so many ways that I don’t know where to start when I want to talk about it. I can start anywhere because He has been there my whole life. Every section of my life has had a God touch in it whether I realize it or not. My goal is to see Him in every part of my life and give Him the glory for blessing my life. I wouldn’t be here without Him. I would not have made it through the worst times and the saddest times. When those miserable events unfolded, I could only see the misery and the pain. I could only hear the doubt and the fear. I could only taste the bitterness and the sourness of my sorrow. However, I have learned that the Lord has stood by me when I was in those deep valleys. My eyes were blinded by tears but it doesn’t mean that the Lord couldn’t see me. As a matter of fact, He heard every tear and He felt all the fear. He shared my sadness and He understood my distress but none of those things changed Him. He abides by His Word and He impacts my world. Why did it take a while for me to get out of those terrible states at times? I don’t know for sure. What I know is that none of them were a surprise to God and He has always ended up surprising me by being God in the middle of the calamity.

Looking back, I clearly see that my past battles and victories were a prediction for my future.
The battles from back then gave me the strength to deal with the struggles of today. The victories from that time strengthened my faith and gave me the hope I need today. Life is a cycle of events, good and bad and that cycle doesn’t break until Jesus is the Savior of your life. Better said, Jesus gets inside the cycle of your life when you make Him the Savior of your life. He gives you reasons to rejoice during the good and the bad times. He doesn’t remove the bad events but He adds the power you need to go through them. When Jesus is part of your cycle of life, you can be sure that your life will never be the same. His peace, His love, His wisdom and His joy must be taken into consideration now. You can choose to close your eyes and see life through the eyes of the world or you can hold hands with your Savior and see life through His eyes. Getting saved doesn’t mean being exempted from trials and tribulations. It means doing life with the One who conquered all trials and tribulations.

When I want to talk about the Lord, I start by singing His praises. When I want to talk about my life, I start by talking about Jesus. To the world some of what has happened in my life is bigger than Jesus. To me, Jesus is way bigger than what has happened in my life. I can’t give Him enough credit for impacting my life the way He has. I can’t thank Him enough for being my life. That is what He is. He has become my life. He was in my life even before I knew Him and once I got to know Him, He took over my life. He is my cycle of life. I see my life happening through Him and not despite of Him. He defines my seasons; He transforms my reasons and He gently blasts my heart with His rhythm. When I talk about Jesus, I talk about God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. When I talk about the Lord, I talk about love. His love will always be what has shaped and fashioned my life. When I talk about my life, I could talk about the pain and the strife first but I choose to focus on the One who took my pain away and who turned the internal strife into peace and harmony. When I talk about what God does in my life, I talk about what Jesus did on the cross. My life is in the shape of a cross crowned with love in a cycle of thorns and roses that don’t change me but that highlight the power of the Lord in me. What do you say when you talk about the Lord?

Suggested reading: John 14:27; John 16:33; 1 John 5:4

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