Cast your cares upon the Lord

I have read the verse “Cast your cares upon the Lord” many times and I have misunderstood or ignored its message many times. As a young Christian I thought that having concerns and cares was not biblical. I was under the impression that I shouldn’t have cares and if I did, I wasn’t Christian enough. Religion had me at its mercy and I had a lot of misconceptions that alienated me from God and from the truth. I had it in my head that I needed to be brave and to be a strong Christian and there was no time to waste on crying out to God. I was wrong. God wanted to hear about my cares and He wanted to comfort me. Finding comfort in our own erroneous perception of the truth is not a good way to get to freedom. Once we know the truth, it sets us free. We can spend years in a prison of a false truth and live within the walls of uncertainty and believe that we are where we should be. The Lord wouldn’t tell us to cast our cares upon Him if He didn’t think we should acknowledge that we had cares. God is not One to tell us to live in denial and put on the coat of faith. Faith doesn’t ignore the facts but it sees the truth of God that transcends the facts. Faith is the garment we can wear in all kinds of weather even in the deep winter of pain and concerns. Does God want us to list our concerns and keep them alive? No, He calls us to take the concerns and the cares and put them on Him. Have you been carrying burdens and cares? Are you tired of the weight of your worries? If you are, I am here to remind you that God cares about your cares and He will carry them for you. He took all the cares that will ever exist in the world and carried them on the cross. His unique sacrifice will stand the test of time and it will live on. God can still carry your worries and He can still give you peace today.


Think back to a time when God came through and all your worries went away. Think back to a time when God took you by the hand and lifted you from the pit. Think back to a time when God took your concerns and served you a measure of His peace. These amazing occurrences happened in the past but they are still available today. You see, what God did for you in the past is part of a continuum that can’t be stopped unless your mind loses hope and faith in it. When you got saved, you inherited salvation not for later when you go to be with the Lord but for today as well. Your salvation encompasses so much more than your mind can fathom. Salvation is attained by faith and it is understood by the heart where the Lord is. If we learned to think with our hearts more than with our heads, we would understand the things of the Lord more easily. The God who saved the day before can still do it today. The One who cared enough to save your life still cares today. Develop faith in the continuum of blessings. Believe that miracles still happen today. Believe that the Spirit of God still counsels and comforts today. Reject the idea that your blessings are a thing of the past. The Redeemer and Reliever can relieve you of your burdens today. Don’t carry the load any longer. Don’t live under the pressure of the thoughts the enemy is sending your way. Don’t try to do it all on your own. Come out of the cell that your mind has been visiting. Let the freedom of the Lord invade you. Let it set you on the path of peace and freedom. Cast your cares on the Lord!


How do you cast your cares on the Lord? Once you have identified the worries and the burdens, present them to the Lord in prayer. Denounce them and renounce them. Give them to God. Say it when you pray. Visualize yourself giving them away. I find that if I see myself carrying a heavy load of worries and I see myself taking it off my back and giving it to God, it makes a huge difference. I visualize it with the eyes of faith and I consider it done. I ask the Lord to take them and I tell Him I can’t do it without Him. When anxiety overloads our minds, it’s hard for us to think straight. A word of encouragement, a word of wisdom can take care of the burden. Spend time in the Word of God. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through the Scriptures and you will find passages that will fill you with hope and courage again. You know that if you ask the Lord to carry your burdens, He will do it because He gives good things to His children. Child of God, trust that your Father is going to give you peace that surpasses all understanding. He is an expert at that. He is going to do it for you. Have faith! Relief is on the way.


Suggested reading: Psalm 55:22; Proverbs 12:25; 1 Peter 5:7

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