God will walk all over it

The other day I was watching a movie in my living room trying to relax but the movie turned out to be stressful. Everything that could go wrong went wrong in the movie. It was as if they had decided to take the worst things that could happen in the world and put them all in this one film. I could feel sadness rise up in me and I took it down with positive declarations of God being bigger and stronger than the misery of the world. I think it’s important to be mindful of what we watch. Movies can be powerful and they can steer us in the direction of sorrow and depression if we are not careful. I was very tired so my emotions came up to the surface very easily. I should have watched something happier, something more upbeat. However, I received a message that resonated strongly with my spirit. As my mind was going wild feeding on the sad events in the movie, I started seeing all the sadness and pain in the people around me. I rebuked it but then I realized that God wanted me to see it for a reason. It’s not that I wasn’t aware of it.


A lot of my friends have had a tough start to the year. They have suffered losses in the first few weeks of the year or they have been very sick. When you turn on the news these days, all you hear is how the world is falling apart and it is very depressing. The movie brought up all that pain and laid it out in front of me so I could take a good look at it and reflect upon it. I saw the destruction and the agony around me but I also saw the Lord walking over all the affliction and torment. I literally saw Him in my mind in a field of gold with the sun so bright that I was blinded in my mind. I saw hope. I saw hope crushing despair and hurt. The Lord spoke deep down inside and said He could walk over the powers of the enemy. He has already won over all the bad things that are taking place today. He is above the worst epidemic and the worst torture. The enemy’s power is no match to the Lord’s but the enemy has power over us when he keeps us inside the realm of his lies and inside the walls of fear and doubt.


Next time you find yourself in a bad predicament or you are facing problems, remember that God can walk all over your trials and tribulations and make everything good again. Whatever life throws at you, God can walk all over it, make it flat and let you walk over it in peace. He makes a way. He will make a way for you so stay strong and don’t give up. Problems have a way of making us lose hope and lose our trust in God but God is bigger than anything and everything. The giant steps He takes over the enemy’s field of influence are steps that will get you closer to your breakthrough. Now, you can take big steps with the Lord when you dare to believe and have faith despite your circumstances. Dare to have bold faith. Dare to hold on to hope when all seems lost. That is when you will see things move in your favor. That is when you will realize that nothing can stop God when you stay in faith.


It is interesting how much easier it is for us to see bad things as bigger than God. The opposition uses our minds to magnify all the bad to the point where we can barely see a glimmer of hope. Our minds are the enemy’s field of influence that we need to take back over and over again and give to the Lord. God wants us to think of things that are noble and pure and keep faith-filled thoughts all the time. That field of influence belongs to the Lord but we too often hand it over to the enemy or give it up so the enemy can wreak havoc. The victory starts in our minds and the enemy knows that so he presents himself as a giant that can’t be uprooted. It is all a lie. God will always be more impressive and more enormous than the enemy. Your biggest mountain is a tiny particle in God’s eyes. It’s dust to Him. Your faith can sweep that dust away and give place to piles of peace, joy and love.


If you are reading this message at the start of the day, declare that God will be walking all over what comes against you today. Declare that you are going to have the best day ever because God loves you and love is what is going to carry you through the day. Declare that God is greater and stronger than the adversity no matter what it looks like. Declare that the Lord created today and you will rejoice and be glad today. Your next problem might be around the corner but God is going to walk all over it and make it all better for you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:19; John 10:9; 1 Corinthians 10:13


2 thoughts on “God will walk all over it

  1. Inspia

    I agree with your statement “It is interesting how much easier it is for us to see bad things as bigger than God.” God created this world, like how BIG is he?! BIGGER than BIG and if He is for us, then who can be against us? Nothing. Thank you Jesus 🙌

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