Pray Until Something Happens

You might have seen the acronym P.U.S.H: Pray Until Something Happens. It has become my motto in the past few years. I have made it a way of life. I have learned how to push through until something happens. One important lesson I have gleaned from these years of pushing through is that the “something” is really what the Lord wants it to be. It’s not up to us and we need to be open to what it could look like. The “something” always takes place but we can miss it easily. We can wish for something that is not God’s will for us and then we believe that God has not answered our prayer when in reality He has given us an answer, the best answer and we missed it. God knows what’s best for us and He knows how to handle everything. His answer is His way of showing us that He cares and that He can take care of our situations. Now the acronym indicates pushing. It is key. God wants us to keep going and to keep pushing. We should persevere and keep going. Today I want to encourage you to keep praying even when nothing seems to be taking place. Keep praying, keep your eyes on the Lord and you will see amazing results and great answers to your prayers.


When we are in God, we are made the righteousness of the Lord. We are covered by the blood and we are redeemed. The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. Believing and trusting that we are made right with God is important when it comes to prayer. It allows us to trust that God hears our prayers. The truth is that our prayers are powerful because of the One we pray to. They are effective because the Lord knows how to handle everything. Do we get answers to our prayers within twenty-four hours? Not always. I would say it is rarely the case but it can happen. In top of believing that God hears us, we should remember that we need to pray according to His will. Some prayers don’t get answered the way we wish they were answered because they might not be part of God’s will. What is God’s will? How do we find out? There are two places we can look; the Word of God and the direction of the Holy Spirit. I rely on the Holy Spirit more and more and I am told what God’s will is and what is not. I also get confirmation in the Bible. The Lord won’t contradict His Word. We need to understand the Word well enough in order to comprehend God’s will at times. Get ahold of God’s will and go with it when you pray.


Pushing is the act of exerting force on something in order to remove it from oneself or from the origin of the force. When you are in prayer and you are pushing through, you are exerting force on obstacles, problems and hurdles in order to remove them from yourself or to get them out of the way. The obstacles might stick around for a while but when you start praying, God is putting things in motion and your problem is being pushed around until it is gone. Know that God heard you and keep your eyes on Him and not on the problem. Praying means talking to God and fixing your eyes on Him until the problem is not the center of your focus anymore. Praying is not ignoring the problem but it’s acknowledging your God (more). Pushing involves force like I said earlier. That force is perseverance. Pray even when it hurts. Pray even when it’s hard. Pray even when it doesn’t seem to do anything. How should you pray? Present your dilemma to the Lord and then thank Him for the answer. Expect an answer, whatever answer He wants to give you. Prayer is faith expressed out loud or in your heart. It’s a request that morphs into a declaration of victory before it comes to pass. Friend, keep on praying until you get God’s answer. Things are going to get better. Things are going to turn around for you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11; 1 John 5:15; James 5:13


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