When the joy of the Lord is your weapon

I have used the verse “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” a lot in my prayers. I still use it. I still thank God for that truth every day. It gives me a boost of confidence in the morning when I start my day and it brings me back to peace throughout the day when I need a refill of hope. There are weapons formed against us every day but God doesn’t leave us empty handed with no weapon to use in retaliation so to speak. Love is the most powerful weapon we will ever have. It is the biggest destroyer of the enemy’s plans. The enemy can’t stand love and he can’t stand it when we walk in love no matter what our circumstances are. He would rather we fell into depression and we left the faith. He wants to box us into the category of those who abandoned God. When we persevere in faith and we keep walking in love, he is out of luck. The weapon of love aggravates him and gives him nightmares. Love elevates us and encourages us to pursue our dreams. God has given us several weapons we can always use. In addition to love, joy is a lethal weapon that is often underestimated. The Lord tells us that His joy is our strength. It’s easy to see that when all is well but when the going gets tough, joy seems to be out of reach. I decided a while ago to use the weapon of joy every day. Weapons may be forming against me but I have my own weapons and the Lord supplies them in abundance. There is enough joy for today, tomorrow and for decades to come. Jesus is generous and He gives freely. Today I want to encourage you to use the weapon of joy. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength in everything. When you endure hard times, hold on to joy. You will see how powerful it is and how much it can impact your life in amazing ways.

You can’t make it without God and you can’t make it without His attributes
. You need His love. You need His peace and His joy. A day without God is a day without love, peace and joy. The good news is that God is always available and He won’t leave your side. His love and His joy are always available. Invite them every day. Open the door and they will show up. Open the door to joy and joy will come in and stay at your place. It’s easy to frown and to be grumpy. We invite bitterness and sadness very quickly. They have an open invitation and they often find themselves very comfortable in our hearts and in our minds. They push “happy” out and they bring negativity in. Being happy is many people’s goal in life. Being happy happens when something good takes place. Happy is good but joyful is even better. Being joyful when we have the joy of the Lord doesn’t depend on what happens to us. God’s joy is the same all the time. It is permanently good and unchangeable. Why? God can’t be changed. His joy is a part of Him. Receiving God’s joy is receiving God and therefore we receive a portion of the One that never changes. God can give us joy even when our situation is trying to make us cry.

If joy is always available to us how come we are not always joyful? I believe there are so many negative things and ideas that vie for our attention that joy gets buried easily. Joy is also not very natural. It is an injection from God and when it comes in, it can appear to be a once in a blue moon type of occurrence. God never meant for us to have joy on a temporary basis. Joy is not for rent. It was bought by Jesus’ blood on the cross. It belongs to us. If we are going to use the weapon of joy, we are going to need to sharpen the weapon, handle it with faith and hold on to it tightly and doing it all through God’s love. I start my day with joy. I jumpstart it with praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. I get it out from under the pile of attention seekers that the enemy sends my way. I declare that joy is here. I thank God for it and I embrace it. When we ask the Lord in faith, we always receive a blessing. I have found that at times the Lord’s joy is like a giant that tramples all feelings, emotions and fear. His joy is massive. His joy is limitless and it strengthens me. God’s joy is unparalleled and it doesn’t feel like anything else. It makes no sense and it makes you want to shout. Choose the weapons you are going to use during the day wisely. Choose joy and stick with it but above all choose love and live with it!

Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8:10; Isaiah 54:17; John 17:13

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