10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 106)

God gives wisdom but sometimes we coat it with hate and judgement. Then we deliver a perverted version of His wisdom and hold it for truth and build doctrines that alienate us from God’s love.

Jesus has a label for you. It says “Wonderfully and fearfully made.” Don’t adhere to the labels the world put on you if they contradict God’s stamp on your life.

When you plunge into God’s heart you understand that He crowns you with love and gives you boldness to live out His mercy and grace.

God has signs and wonders that will make you wonder. Look for the signs, embrace the wonders and stay in awe of Him!

Your biggest battles are also God’s battles. He doesn’t just take care of your small fights. He is there with you when you have to slay giants and He always gives you the victory!

When your mind gets carried away, you are thinking about the worst when your heart knows what’s best. Trust the best that the Lord has for you. Let faith direct your thoughts and breakthrough will ensue.

Peace comes from God and pushes anxiety out of your heart. Pray for peace every day and accept that God has peace for you every day and you will be able to enjoy what God has for you every day.

Since Jesus is the best role model alive, why do we like to follow examples that are dead? Let’s look at the Lord for inspiration and forget the ones whose actions lead to death.

The Word of God is the Word of love. We can interpret it many different ways but love should be our main translation tool. The Bible was never meant to be a tool for judgement but an instrument for love.

Worry removes the hands of the Lord from our situations and it puts us in control of what God should be in charge of.

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:25-27; Luke 12:25; Colossians 3:15

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