God changes everything

I am planning a trip to Europe for students and one of the things that the travel company is trying to promote is how traveling changes everything. I was looking at their brochure the other day reading that line again and it made me think of how God changes everything. He doesn’t change things partially. He can but He can also change everything. Talking about my life, I can easily say that God changed everything. He changed me, He changed my outlook on life and He changed my life altogether. The change started on the inside. He did some major spring cleaning in the middle of one of my worst winters. I had felt chaotic every day. I had felt like I didn’t have a handle on life and my life was out of control. On the outside it appeared that I was very much in control but the truth was very different. God knew how I felt and He knew how to help me and get me what I needed. I cried out to Him. I was tired of the life I had. I didn’t know what I needed but He had it all planned out and He changed everything the best way He knows how. Today I want to encourage you to trust that God can change you, change your circumstances and just change everything. Nothing is too hard for Him to demolish and rebuild. He can restore the most destroyed houses and make them new and beautiful. You are a temple and the Lord can dwell in you through His Spirit when you invite Him. Even when you have His Spirit you might need some major adjustments and healing. God can do it all! He changes everything.


They say that a change is good for you and when it comes to God, change is a powerful experience. It is God’s intervention that produces renovation. I had known God for years before the change came and when it all happened, I was made aware of the fact that I had never really known God. I was too filled with myself and I wasn’t letting Him in. The God I knew was a God that was preached about but that I couldn’t get to know for myself. I experienced God through other people and it just didn’t cut it. You can live your whole life thinking that you know God when in reality you know of Him. The change that God brought about started in my heart and in my mind like I referenced earlier. God shook my values and my thought patterns. He did it because I accepted His Word and I longed for more of Him. I recognized what I was missing and what was wrong and He did the rest. I believe God wants to communicate with us all the time and intimacy is what He is looking for more than giving us piles of money and other material things. He wants to touch our hearts and share His heart. To Him that is worth all the gold in the world. Why? Because when we connect with Him and we make it a habit to fellowship with Him, change comes. His loving power rearranges our inside and burns shame, fear and doubt. Letting His love in is so crucial. People who have a hard time being loved often have a hard time feeling and experiencing God’s love. To see a change in your life, you need to let God impact your life with His love first. Know that you are worthy and you are loved!


God changes everything when He becomes our everything. This implies that we acknowledge Him in all our ways. When we think about life, when we make plans and when we deal with life, He should be our number one resource. When we let God into everything, we let love, peace, joy, wisdom, faith and other amazing attributes get inside everything. I let God know about all my plans. I talk to Him about my needs, my struggles and my life in general. I have a God connection that is developing because I connect Him to everything in my life. This has also allowed me to believe that God can change everything. His interventions in my life have encouraged me to trust that He can do it all and He can do it in everything. Nothing is impossible to God and sometimes we need to be reminded of that truth a few times before it sinks in. Trials and tribulations help us have more faith and being more confident. God changes everything and that is more than a fact. It is a truth that will stand the test of time. Accept Him for who He is. Embrace His love. Believe that He can indeed change everything anytime. Be encouraged. Your God can change everything in your life!

Suggested reading: 2 Peter 3:9; Hebrews 6:19; James 1:17


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