When you are having a bad day

Yesterday was a tough day. I am not going to lie but I had one of the worst days at work in a long time. It felt like everything was coming at me at once. People putting pressure on me acting like they wanted to cause trouble for no clear reason. I had to catch myself a few times as I wondered what was going on. It was no surprise to the Lord that this was happening. Trials and confrontation will always show up in our lives. When there is a strong concentration of opposition, it looks like everything is falling apart around you. That is how it was yesterday. However, the Lord kept knocking at the door of my heart asking me to let Him in. He kept showing me that He was with me in that situation and it helped a great deal. I knew I could face the day. I knew that nothing could change how good and how big He is and I went with that. I refused to side with the opposition and accept the enemy’s lies. I refused to give in. When the enemy gives us a punch, we have to punch him back with love, faith and hope. Of those three things love is the biggest and the most powerful element so I decided to keep walking in love despite the way some people treated me. Some people had twisted my words and caused problems that should not have happened in the first place. It came out of nowhere but it didn’t matter because the Lord was everywhere. He reminded me that He dwelt in my heart and my heart was the source of help I needed to rely on. When the going gets tough, get tougher with love. Don’t let the pressure make you hate and curse. Don’t let the pressure get to your head and make you wish the wrong things. Temptation comes with trials but the Lord won’t let us be tempted above what we can bear when we stay in Him. I was determined to stick with God all day and it was the best decision I made yesterday.

When things go wrong, we go along with them and we believe that they will keep going in a bad direction. At least that is how I used to react a lot. Yesterday was a flashback to some of the hard times I used to face but the Lord wouldn’t let me sink to a low level of despair. I had my Holy Spirit with me. I had my Lord on my side and I had joy in my heart even though my heart was stabbed by the words of those I trusted and considered friends. I couldn’t be bitter. The Lord wouldn’t let me. I wanted to be but He stopped me. He said “Act like Jesus. Don’t act like you don’t know Jesus.” That message alone gave me a boost. Act like Jesus in everything. It is so hard to do when we have a lot going on but it is how we should live our lives. It’s easy to have faith and to praise God when life is a bed of roses but when we have to wake up and smell the roses, it’s a whole different story. I was facing a truth that was not my truth. The “truth” the enemy wanted me to embrace was that I was having a bad day and that bad things would keep happening all day. I gave in for a few minutes but the Spirit pulled me back up. When you build yourself up in the Lord and His mercy and love are your refuge, you can’t adhere to the lies of the enemy. You get so full of the Word that you react with the Word and it gives you the power to face anything. Yesterday I faced anything and everything but the Lord was my everything in all those things. I fell but I got up again. I trembled but I got strong and stable again. I was convinced I was going to have a great Jesus day and nothing was going to spoil it. I kept going and I kept praising. I didn’t praise God for the difficulties; I praised Him for His love in the middle of my difficulties.

You know you can have a celebration in the middle of desperation. You can have peace in the middle of a storm. You can have joy in the middle of a season of sorrow. You can have love in the middle of the dark aisle of hatred and detestation. I chose love. I chose love over retaliation. I chose love over exasperation. I chose love over condemnation. I chose love over frustration. I chose love over rejection. When we choose to walk in love, we choose to walk with the Lord and He can intervene. Love is what got me through the day yesterday. Love is what gave me hope and what made me stay in faith yesterday. Love is what made me smile even when I felt like crying. Love is what gave me the power to walk and not fall anymore. Love is what saved me yesterday and love’s first name was Jesus. Jesus made it happen. Jesus gave me a way through the dark alleys. Jesus lifted my spirit and protected my heart. Jesus kept me warm when it was so cold around me. Jesus saved the day. Don’t ever give up when you are having the worst day. The best is yet to come and love will pave the way there. Yesterday was bad according to the world but the Lord got the final say and He said my day was an awesome day! Thanks to Him it was awesome indeed!

Suggested reading: John 10:28-30; 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Peter 2;9


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