God is listening

God listens to us. He is always listening. He listens to our thoughts, our ideas, our hearts, our fears, our requests and our intentions. He is not deaf to our tears and He is not deaf to our prayers. He is there and He is always attentive. One thing we need to be aware of is simply the truth that He does listen. When we don’t get answers to our prayers, we can lose hope and think He didn’t hear us. It’s easy for us to have this perception that there is a whole world between God and us when in reality He is near us all the time. God listened to all of us before we even spoke. How? He heard what we would need in this life and gave us the best answer to all our inquiries; He gave us His Word. The Bible is God’s answer to humanity’s cries and needs. He heard us. He heard what every single one of us will ever say and He replied with love. His Word is the incarnation of love and it is the answer we will need for every situation that will ever arise. If you think that your messages to God are not getting through to Him, open His Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you navigate through the Word and to help you find what you are looking for.

It blows my mind when I think about how much God loves us and because He does, He has provided for all our needs. He has even taken care of our needs before He heard them like I said. The chronological order is not us having questions first and Him answering them. The answers came before the questions and the answers are the truth. Truth is always truth and that is part of what makes truth the truth with God. What He says was true thousands of years ago and it will still be true thousands of years from now. God knew what we would request and His anticipation led to a Book that has an answer for every tribulation. What are you telling God today? What are you asking Him? Think about these two questions and believe that the answer has already been supplied.

God listened to your heart before it was even beating. Even though He heard everything you will ever say, He still gives you personal attention and specific answers. The Holy Spirit plays a major role in the listening and answering process. The Lord indicates that we should quiet our minds before Him and listen. When we listen to Him, we get a better understanding that He does listen to us. He gives us answers before we formulate questions. He does it during quiet time but He can also do it at any time. He is God! He gives signs. He gives messages through many venues. He is not limited when it comes to speaking to us. God’s ears are attentive to every prayer. We need to be at a place where we know that God listens. This is a place of faith that we ought to stay in. Trust that God is a listener. Trust that He is not deaf to anything you say. Trust that the answer existed way before you spoke. God promised He would listen to what you say. Take Him at His word and have the confidence that what you have to say matters to Him. Have the confidence that you matter to Him! Keep talking to Him. He has already heard it all and He will show you that He is paying attention.

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12-13; 1 Peter 3:12; 1 John 5:15

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