With men it is impossible but with God all things are possible

“This is impossible for Me” is something God has never said, never says and will never say. With God nothing is impossible. He has no limitations and He has no restrictions. Your wildest dreams aligned with His Word are not too far-fetched. When you share the mind of the Lord you share His unlimited visions and His reasoning. His reasoning contradicts the world’s. His reasoning makes no sense to most of us. We think we know but we don’t know. We think we get it but we don’t. We think we have Him figured out but we don’t. What do we get then? Glimpses, cameos of His greatness into our lives and impartations. He is so big and so powerful that we can’t see it all and understand it all and that is fine. What we can pursue is His heart and His love. He has a heart full of goodness and love for everyone and His love manifests in His major acts of kindness toward us. Acts that demonstrate that nothing is impossible to Him. Jesus declared that some things were impossible to men but to God everything is possible.

We all have our own definition of the impossible but God’s definition covers everything we can think of collectively. We could be a big village of thousands of people with thousands of ideas of what the impossible looks like and God would still say that none of these things are impossible to Him. I want to be in the place where the Lord is and from which nothing looks impossible. I want to rest in the arms of faith and just know that God can do anything. I want to be so high up on the mountaintop that I lose sight of the impossible and only see what is possible to God on the horizon of my life. I want to look straight ahead at the visions of faith the Lord gives and never look down at the world of impossibilities that the enemy keeps presenting to me. Will you join me in that place of faith? Will you join me on this journey where nothing is impossible?

I have learned that gratitude opens the door to multitude. What I mean by that is that when we are grateful to the Lord, He piles up blessings in our lives. A grateful and a hopeful heart ushers us into a world where everything is possible. You see, gratitude thanks God for who He is and what He does and it can thank Him for what we don’t see or feel. Gratitude can work very nicely with faith and give us the incentive to look forward to the unseen, to look forward to the impossible made possible. Be grateful to God every day for what you are hoping for every day in faith. Look at the future with the eyes of faith and praise the Lord for what’s to come. If you are not thanking God for the impossible every day, I suggest that you start today. Thank Him. Let your heart and your mind hear you thank Him for the impossible. You will build up your faith in His ability to do the impossible.


Don’t get stuck on your human limitations and on the natural limitations around you. Get stuck on God’s extensions knowing that He can extend and stretch anything. Let Him stretch your mind and your thinking. Get a good dose of faith by meditating on the Scriptures every day and you will see what it does to your way of seeing life. You will start seeing it as a playground for God to do the impossible. You will start to believe that even the sky is not the limit for the Lord. You will start dreaming big dreams and having high hopes. “With God all things are possible” will become the refrain of your life and you will sing it with every “faith breath” you take. Take your problem today. Look at it and say, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Don’t get tired of saying it. It’s the truth. Enjoy the impossible made possible!

Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37; mark 9:23

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