Good things are coming your way

I love how encouraging the Holy Spirit is. He is that inner voice that is always positive and always full of love. He motivates and He pours love non-stop. Whether you see it or not, He is always working on showing us how much the Lord cares and how much He is in control if we stay in faith. One thing that He tells me often is that something good is coming my way. He is so positive. He is so optimistic. He is so confident in the good that can happen. He knows that His blessings are stronger than anything and for Him the good that is coming our way will make us forget the pain that we are going through at the moment. Something good is coming your way, friend. Don’t take my word for it. Take the Lord’s word for it. God has reserves of goodness that are ready to be sprinkled into your life. Blessings that will get in between the heartaches and the trials. Good things come from God. Be on the lookout for the outpouring of kindness and love. We often equate good things to material things but there is so much more goodness that manifests in other areas. Can you imagine a life where you have so much peace of mind and so much joy that nothing bothers you? Can you imagine a life where you know that you are so loved that nothing scares you because there is no fear in perfect love? God can provide those blessings and make them daily experiences. They can become part of your life. Expect something good from God. Expect good things every day. Something good is coming your way and Jesus will make a way.


Things are constantly being thrown at us. The enemy sends fiery darts relentlessly. He is so obsessed with stealing our joy that he doesn’t take a break. He finds ways to get inside our heads and our hearts and he digs until he makes holes that leave us depleted and devoid of hope. God is in the business of plugging those holes and making hope part of our daily journey again. He brings good things and the way He does it is by giving us what we need the most. Love is what we all need and our Father specializes in giving us an abundance of love. His love was demonstrated on the cross and through the resurrection process and it lives on. It will never die. Love is still coming your way even when you feel unloved. Today I want you to take a hard look at love and thank the Lord for it. His goodness is present and you are going to receive more of it. You are not staying where you are. Something good is coming your way and it will show up in whichever way the Lord wants His love to be displayed. The goodness that is coming your way will lift you up to another level.


If you have been bruised by the fiery darts of the enemy, know that relief is on the way. God is going to heal your pain and remove the suffering. Peace of mind is coming. Peace of mind is more valuable than gold and it is coming to you in the name of Jesus. Declare it today. Don’t let the attacks of the enemy deprive you of what’s coming to you. Stand in faith, stand your ground. Something good and powerful is coming. You are going to receive a dose of God’s love that will soothe the wounds and erase the hurt. Something so good is coming your way that you can’t even imagine what’s it like now. It is going to change the way you see life and the way you enjoy life. God’s love has the ability to change everything. Change is on the way. Expect it and desire it. Let God’s goodness be what you wait for every day. Your mind tends to expect the worst so train it to expect God’s love. Plunge into the Word of God and learn how to reprogram your thoughts. Something good is coming your way and God will make sure that it leaves a blessed mark that nothing can erase. Enjoy the blessings and thank God for His goodness!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 23:18; Matthew 11:28; Ephesians 2:8-9

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