What to do when you are caught in a storm

When I was on vacation in Europe recently, I made sure that I looked at the weather forecast in the morning so that I knew if I needed an umbrella or a raincoat. One day I saw that there was going to be nice weather so I left in the morning not worried about having an umbrella with me. Come to find out it rained really hard. The rain came out of nowhere. It wasn’t on anyone’s radar it seemed. It certainly wasn’t on mine. I had to find shelter from the rain and stay dry and warm until it passed. It lasted longer than expected but at least I enjoyed a great meal with a friend while I was waiting. We found a cozy restaurant and shared a meal and some good laughs. It made me think of how we have unexpected rainstorms in life and we panic not knowing what to do. Those storms can catch us by surprise and we can get very soaked by showers of trials and tribulations especially if we don’t have a cover.


Now, we can choose to go out without an umbrella and brave it or we can carry the umbrella of the Lord everywhere we go. My spiritual umbrella is a prayer and a connection. I always pray in all circumstances and I maintain my connection with the Lord. The Lord is my refuge and my shelter. When a storm comes, I hide under His protection. It doesn’t matter if I am caught off guard. God is my cover and I can run to Him any time. It is ok if I am taken aback by some of those bad storms as long as I know to go to my refuge and weather the storm. Today I want to encourage you to stay with God when a storm comes to you by surprise. Rest in the refuge. Stay inside His protective arms and enjoy yourself while you are waiting for the storm to pass.


I wish the sun could be shining all the time where I live but that’s far from being the case. However, the sun within helps me stay positive in all situations. I have a “storm controller” inside that allows me to weather the storms and stay even keel. God gives me balance. He is my “controller.” His Spirit assists me in all things and enables me to stay with Jesus when the enemy tries to take me around for a spin in my head. Staying with God when our minds are going into many directions is not that easy but with time and practice it is very feasible. We can let our outside circumstances take control or we can control them with the powerful controller who lives on the inside. He defines our circumstances but imposing His peace over chaos if we let Him. When we stay in faith, the world around can be crumbling but the power within us is still uplifting. God is always encouraging and positive. He never slides down the aisle of pessimism and desperation but He always goes up the ramp of optimism and hope. When the storm is bad, God is still good. I pray that you get to see His goodness in all things and that your trials don’t prevent you from seeing Him as the refuge that He truly is. If you are caught in a storm today, stay with God and stay dry under His cover.


When you are caught in a storm, don’t let the storm get inside of you. Don’t get wet. Run to your refuge. Run to the One who can calm all storms. Ask Him for peace and for patience. Peace and patience are a dynamic duo that helps us withstand all attacks of the enemy and weather all storms. God is the King of peace and when His peace invades you, the storm around you can’t bother you. God’s loving arms will keep you safe and all you will do is look at the storm from a secure place. I talked about how I had a meal with a friend when it was raining cats and dogs. Do something you enjoy when the storm is raging. Once you are under God’s cover, you should continue to make the most of your day. Rejoice and celebrate the Lord first and foremost and then live it up. You see, the enemy wants us to focus on the storm and Jesus wants us to focus on His ability to calm the storm. Pray during the storm and thank the Lord for His protection. Let the Lord inside you get out into the storm and dissipate it. Your faith will bring the peace that you need around you. Stay encouraged! Your refuge is the best shelter ever!

Suggested reading: Colossians 3:15; Galatians 5:22; Philippians 4:7

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