God will fight for you

Another week is starting and a lot of us are going to have some very busy days with deadlines and things we will try to accomplish by the end of the week. There will be some great moments and there will be challenges. It just happens that way. We will have to fight a few battles and we will have to stay strong on many occasions. The good news is that the Lord is going to be with us all week long. It’s easy to forget that but it is the truth. The battles we will have to face have already been won. God fights for us. We don’t have to make it on our own. Our main battle is the good fight of faith. Knowing and recognizing that God is in control and that everything is going to be more than ok is crucial. Challenges should not make us lose sight of what matters. What matters is that we are the children of the most caring Father and He has already done all He needs to do to secure blessings and abundance of love in our lives. Today as the week is beginning, I want you to praise the Lord and thank Him for being with you all week. God is going to fight for you as you stay in faith. He is faithful and He keeps His promises so expect His blessings and His protection this week. It is going to be a great week!


God has the power to change any situation. I think that if we meditate on that truth all week, it will become a reality. We spend so much time meditating on the wrong things. We spend so much time worrying and hoping that the worry will make things better. We think that the more we dwell on things, the more there is a chance for them to disappear. Worry is the enemy. Faith is what we need to make it every day. Meditating on positive thoughts and scriptures will change our lives. God will fight for us and go before us all week. That is something I have been meditating on a lot and it makes a huge difference. What happens is every time I find myself going through a hard time, the truth of God the fighter comes to mind. It alters the spiritual atmosphere around me and it gives me a great boost. What is even more reassuring is that God never fails. He is a fighter who has won all the battles that will ever take place.


When God fights for us, He is our advocate and our representative in the court of life. He takes a stand for us and He roots for us. He has all the right things to say to plead our case. His Spirit does all the talking and He can never lose a case. Your problem might be telling you that this is going to a tough trial but the Lord is confident that He will win. Now it’s up to you to adhere to His confidence and follow His lead in faith. He is all set. He knows what He can do. Slide into His way of thinking and let it grow in your mind and in your heart. The battle will be taken care of. Jesus won and He is fighting for you now so that you can see it all come to pass. All you have to do is stay still. Stay in peace. Invite peace into your day every day. Thank God for peace. Peace is a powerful platform from which the Lord can operate. Let Him be operational in your life as you hold on to peace and you don’t let things get you down. If you fall, remember that you won’t be down for long because the Lord has sent angels to carry you and help you. He commanded them to guard you in all your ways. God will fight for you this week. Enjoy this week in peace!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:14; Psalm 91:11; Romans 8:31

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