10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday ( Part 109)

Blind faith doesn’t make sense to our minds but it makes total sense to God. Let’s go with God’s sense and let’s forget about our senses when it comes to faith!

Go to the top and come down victorious. Go to the top of the mountain and be where faith is. Go all the way to the top and stay away from the valley. God is with you in the valley and on the mountaintop but He will keep you on top when you ascend with faith!

Don’t lose confidence. Stay bold. Let your voice be heard. Let it come out. Be bold for the Lord. Be bold and let His voice be heard. Be bold and speak up for love!

Jesus is a piece of the puzzle. He is the missing piece that completes the big picture. When you find Him, it all makes sense. When you find Him, you find the meaning of life.

You are a planter of truth. God is using you to plant the truth in the middle of the bushes of lies. Keep sowing His seeds and the truth will set people free!

You are a butterfly now so stop thinking like a caterpillar. Stop crawling through the path of difficulties. Fly. Keep flying. The freedom of the Lord is your wings. Use His freedom to go higher. Don’t default to the caterpillar mentality. It will bring you under.

Don’t doubt the Lord but doubt the enemy. Doubt what he has to say to you. Doubt his lies, doubt his thoughts. Doubt his way of talking about you. Doubt the enemy and resist him. He will flee!

May God bless you and prepare you for a harvest of joy, peace and love. Get ready to receive baskets of blessings that are too big for your head to understand but the perfect size for your heart to embrace.

God’s faithfulness can go through the walls of lies the enemy has erected. Don’t lose hope. Nothing can break the Lord’s promises. Hold on to His faithfulness and you will receive the fruit of His goodness!

Pay more attention to the music of the Lord than the music of the world. Stay tuned to Jesus’ lyrics. Keep the songs of the Holy Spirit in your heart and listen to the melodies from Heaven. God always has a song for you that will comfort you, transform you, bless you and keep you focused on His love.

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:10; John 7:38; Hebrews 11:1

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