Turn the page once and for all

It’s easy to be crippled by guilt and shame and to be haunted by mistakes from the past. The enemy loves to keep us in a place where the past is very present and where he highlights all the things that went wrong in our lives. He gets people to believe that their past defines their future. There is Someone who stands between our past, our present and our future. There is Someone who took on the burden of all our mistakes and failures. His name is Jesus. Some of us are well acquainted with Him but we sometimes miss His redemptive character and His power to forgive and erase our sins and our past faults and inaccuracies. Jesus died for our sins. It is something to celebrate all the time. He is our Redeemer and our Savior. He saved us from the power of sin. It doesn’t mean that we are flawless and we never sin. We sin all the time but we have a Savior who forgives when we ask Him and who gives us a new slate as a fresh start. His work on the cross stands between sin and us. He is the bridge to redemption, the bridge to salvation. Without Him we can’t even start to wish to be saved. He is love incarnated and love forgives all sins.


I have found myself in a zone where my head couldn’t seem to move on from past mistakes. It is the worst feeling. I have learned that not being able to move on from the past will keep us from receiving from God. God wants to bless us all the time and He can’t bless us when we don’t have faith to be blessed. The guilt and shame give us the impression that we are not worthy and they stop the flow of blessings. Today I want to encourage you to turn to the Father for forgiveness. I want to encourage you to trust that Jesus died for you and that you don’t need to live in the past. Ask for forgiveness and be quick to forgive others yourself. The power of forgiveness opens doors that stay wide open. Turn the page. The Lord is on a totally different chapter of your life. He has read the forgiveness chapter and He is waiting for you to catch up and be on the same page He is today!

There have been a few times when I have been stuck while reading a book
. I get stuck on a page when the plot doesn’t make sense or I am missing the point. I have to read the page over. Sometimes I go back to the previous page to get the whole picture. It hasn’t happened often. When we get stuck in the past and we can’t go forward, we are stuck on a page that we don’t understand. We go over it in our minds repeatedly and we try to make sense of it to no avail. We pray to God and ask for answers. He has already moved on and all He wants is for us to ask for forgiveness or for us to forgive ourselves. God doesn’t keep counts of all our mistakes. That’s the enemy’s job. Those difficult pages of our lives shouldn’t be considered the end of our stories.


God forgives us every time we ask Him. The first step is to recognize that we need to be forgiven and then verbalize our sin to Him and ask Him to cover it with His blood. God forgives and He doesn’t go back and relive our sins like we do. He deletes them and He keeps on loving us. When we make a mistake and we revisit it all the time, we doubt God’s promise to forgive us. We need to push the revived thoughts away and rebuke them. Shame and guilt are two strongholds that can be brought down by the power of our confession. When we confess that we are forgiven and that Jesus did what it took to set the record straight, then we can conquer all the condemnation.


Turn the page, friend. Don’t read what was confusing and what happened to be a weakness. We all have weaknesses and we all have shortcomings. The enemy wants you to stay on one page so you can’t grow spiritually. We do have to stay in one place at times to learn and grow but living in the past, living in our past failures only feeds negativity and stalls us. Praise the Lord for His forgiveness. Take it one step further and forgive others. We receive blessings so we can bless others and forgiveness is a blessing. Turn people’s pages and don’t read their old chapters again. Move on and keep walking in love. The power of forgiveness will bless you spiritually. Turn the page once and for all!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:14-15; Ephesians 4:31-32; 1 John 1:9

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