Let God be the biggest One in the room

I am a teacher and the classroom is my world. I see many things in terms of a classroom. I see the world as a classroom. It is a place where life grows, where we learn, where we make mistakes, where we are encouraged, where we are happy, we are scared, we laugh, we cry, we do life together. The classroom is my playground and it’s my battlefield. I feel very comfortable in it and I can do what I need to do to help students move forward and gain knowledge. It is a battlefield where I have to fight against certain behaviors, ideas, situations. Not against people but against principalities that are at play every day. When I am in front of 25 students, I am in front of 25 different lives. They may appear to be the same but they have their own sets of struggles, joys, challenges, triumphs and trials. With 25 lives come 25 sets of complications. We are a complicated species and when I think I start to understand what man is all about, something comes up that throws my theories out the window. I do love the classroom and I do love to teach and learn. I will also be a student in life.

The other day I was praying and I saw a classroom with many kids being disruptive and unruly. It was complete chaos. It was a very bad situation. Thank God things don’t get that out of hand in real life but I guess it feels that way at times. The Lord was showing me life as a classroom and His Spirit said deep down inside “Let God be the biggest One in the room.” It was a lesson on letting God being our focus even when things are chaotic and out of control. When we can’t control what’s going on, we can control how we react to the situation. The best reaction is to keep our eyes on Jesus. Letting Him take up most of the space in the room of life is key. How do you react when your life is falling apart and negative thoughts are screaming like little kids in the classroom of life? What do you do to get peace again in the middle of a chaotic situation? Do you walk out the door and ignore the noise in the classroom? We can’t walk out on life and give up. With the Lord on our side this should not be an option. Let’s always focus on Jesus. Let’s make Him the biggest One in the room and we will get a better perspective. We will also acquire the strength to get through anything.

That vision of God in the classroom was very powerful and very comforting.
Things were flying in the room, pens, pencils, chairs and tables. It was a horrible scene, especially for a teacher but God was there. The Lord was there standing as peaceful as can be. I saw Him the way I always see Him. I saw His presence. I saw His smile. I saw his peace. His peace pierced me and I was glued to it. God is always calm. In every situation He has peace and He can give us peace in every circumstance. The classroom was a battleground with so much going on in it yet He was at peace. When life is a battlefield and things are flying all over the place, we ought to pray and seek the Lord’s face. We should get into our quiet place and wait until His peace invades our space and it becomes bigger than our problems and our thoughts. I have a ritual that I follow when my life is chaotic. I withdraw from the world and I enter the Lord’s world. Praise gives me an entry way into the Kingdom. Praise removes all the negative thoughts that have been preventing me from getting in the “God zone.” Once I am there I pray and focus on Him until I hear from Him.


Seeking God’s face is a beautiful practice that should truly become a habit. I find that when I am tired, it is harder for me to “find Him.” He is always there but sometimes my mind goes everywhere but where the Lord is. When I can’t find the peace, when I can’t find His touch, I look around. My classroom has posters with some encouraging phrases on them. When I look around for peace during the trials of life, I look at the spiritual posters in the classroom of my life. I look at the Scriptures and I read them repeatedly. I meditate on them. It is a great way to get grounded and to find peace again. It also allows me to see God has the biggest One in the room. Life can be challenging but the Lord will also challenge our challenges with His love when we trust Him. Let’s make Him the biggest One in the classroom of our lives and we will always triumph!


Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:13; Psalm 19:14; Colossians 3:1

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