When God’s peace is your strength

It’s hard these days not to be stressed. With everything that is going on in the world, there is an increase of panic and worry everywhere. I was at a grocery store the other day and I noticed that a lot of shelves were empty. There were no cleaning supplies and some staple foods were nowhere to be found. Something is missing everywhere you go. Peace is in very small supply. It is lacking. It has been depleted. There is a need for peace and you can’t find it easily. There is a collective panic that underlines the problem. We have been caught in this panic feeling that doesn’t seem to get any better. The negativity that is around is very contagious. Panic and worry put holes in the shield of peace and joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength but our access to it has been weakened because stress has taken over. Faith comes from hearing and hearing should come from the Word of God. We hear many different things every day and it’s up to us to decide where our faith is going to go. When we buy into the panic and pay more attention to it than the Word of God, we have faith in the negative. Worry and fear are very powerful strongholds. However, the Word of God is more powerful than any strongholds in the world. When we let God’s Word be the stronghold it should be in our lives, we can have peace and rejoice despite our circumstances. We are not meant to be conquered by the panic and fear. The peace of the Lord and His joy in us are the ones that should be dominating our feelings and giving us the strength to face anything. God’s peace is crucial. It is precious and it changes everything. Peace is a platform for faith to operate. It allows faith to envelop us and to do its job. Faith is hard to attain when peace is not present. Today I want to encourage you to seek God’s peace, to stay in it and to use it as your weapon against all attacks and all negativity.


Jesus said He was leaving us His peace. He knew what was coming and He knew how much we would need peace. He is a peaceful God who is always calm and collected. He never gets upset and He never panics and that is what He wants us to experience. We were not wired to have inner peace automatically. Our human instincts often prevent peace from being our reflex when something goes wrong. We focus on the negative stimuli and give in to fear and panic. Fear shows its ugly head. The more we see it, the more we feel it, the more we hear it, the more it becomes real to us. Our senses have been going into overdrive lately with everything that is taking place. We are overstimulated by the negative picture that has been drawn in front of our very eyes. We see people panicking and we think we follow them otherwise it doesn’t seem normal or natural. Not panicking is very unnatural to many of us but it is in God’s nature not to panic and He has put His nature in us. What happens is that we ignore what is rightfully ours when our minds lead us down the wrong path. It is time we went back to God and let Him lead us down the path of peace and the path of His love. All He is telling us is “Do not panic, do not fear. I’ve got this.” Even if the world were burning and falling apart, Jesus wouldn’t change His Word. He keeps His promises and He sticks to what He says. Today I am echoing His Word and telling you that with Him you are going to be more than a conqueror and you have nothing to fear.


Not panicking is easier said than done. I grant you that but God has a way of giving us peace that no one can understand. He is above everything and everybody. His peace is superior and it can put out the fiery attacks of panic and fear. How do you get His peace in the middle of this contamination of our minds? Finding time to get in the Word of God will make a big difference. Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit will become easier as you spend time in the Word daily. God has a lot to say and He can do it when you have the right mindset and when your ears are opened. His Word will help you renew your mind and influence your mindset positively. The Holy Spirit will speak to you as He opens your ears. The goal is to stay as close to Him as possible and distance yourself from the world. You live in this world so you can’t ignore it but you can make sure it doesn’t occupy more space in you than it should. You should be filled with the Spirit and you will be as you seek God’s face. God will give you the peace you need. Turn to Him. Believe that His peace is there and claim it. Rebuke the bad feelings and the fear and claim peace. Thank God for His peace. It will take over and take you to a higher level of joy. When God’s peace is your strength, you can handle anything!

Suggested reading: Luke 1:78-79; Romans 10:17; Colossians 3:15


2 thoughts on “When God’s peace is your strength

  1. Amen, amen & amen! What a wonderful post filled with God’s truth and His love that casts out all of our fears. I am so grateful you shared this message and I have shared it on social media as well.

    You are absolutely right. Fear and worry are very powerful strongholds. I understand the concerns people are feeling right now, as so many have lost their loved ones or are facing the possibility of it right now. My heart aches for these precious people.

    Yet, we, as God’s people, are called to rest in His peace, knowing that everything really is under His watchful care. You said it beautifully – it’s not our default nature so it’s not always easy. Yet God really does get through to our stubborn selves and ushers in the most perfect peace we could ever imagine. It does give us the strength to keep moving forward, even when we don’t understand.

    I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing. YOU are a blessing! 🤗

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