A red light in the dark

The other night when I went upstairs to my bedroom, I noticed that one of the lights in the hallway was out. It was dark and I couldn’t see well as I was going into my bedroom. Before I flipped on the switch in my bedroom, I noticed that there was a light piercing the darkness. There was a red light coming from my bathroom. It was the light of my electric razor that was sitting on the vanity in my bathroom. I have had it for a long time but because of how dark it was, I noticed it for the first time yesterday. It really stood out. Amid the darkness there was a light. It was small but as I got closer to it, it got bigger. What happened that evening was showing me what was going on in the world. There is so much darkness these days because of the pandemic and the chaos it has created. Everywhere you turn you are made aware that lights have been turned off. Spiritual and emotional lights have been out. Hope has been turned off. Joy has been buried under a bushel. Peace has been off and faith has been dimmed. Despite all that has been turned off or cancelled, the Lord’s light is still there. It is a red light that flashes the blood of Jesus. The blood that we need today. The world is sick and it is getting sicker. It needs a blood transfusion. It needs the blood of Jesus to be the transfusion that brings back life, hope, peace, joy and faith. Today I want to turn on that light for you and encourage you to carry it and give it to those in need. There is not a single person in your world today that is not affected by the lights being turned off. You can see it in people’s eyes, in their behaviors and you can hear it in their voices. Turn on the red light of the Lord today and let people find comfort in the luminance of His love.

It’s difficult to see the light of hope when the darkness is so thick but it doesn’t mean that the light is not there. The overwhelming presence of fear, of worry and chaos doesn’t mean the absence of hope and peace. Hope and peace are there but they are being hidden by the obscurity that is dense. How can you find the light in a sea of darkness? We need to start swimming toward it. Our minds and our emotions are blocked. When fear is heightened, our spiritual sensitivity to the Lord and His goodness is diminished. There are steps we should take to recover our spiritual sight and see the blessings that are still around. Swim toward hope. Start pushing yourself through those troubled waters. Call upon the name of the Lord in prayer and open your heart to gratitude and praise. It sounds counterproductive but it will bear great fruit. You must rise above your emotions and in order to do that you have to push through by faith. Ignore the feelings as much as you can. Talk to yourself with hope. Use positive words and make positive declarations. Your move toward positivity will take you far. Draw near to God and He will draw close to you!

The red light that symbolizes the blood of Jesus can punch holes in any darkness and it can’t be stopped. Jesus shed His blood for humanity. The enemy hates the blood of Jesus and he tries his best to keep people from believing in the power of the blood. Faith in the blood activates its power. Plead the blood of Jesus over every circumstance. Plead the blood again the enemy. Pray for the sick by calling on Jesus and the power of the blood. Pray for the nations of the world in the name of Jesus and by the power of the blood of the Lamb. Hold on to the hope that is in the light of the Lord. That red light in the dark doesn’t mean stop. It means go ahead, don’t be afraid, Jesus can perforate any darkness. When we see that light, we should let it guide us and let it take over the fears and the bad feelings. You can find that light in the Word of God and in the sweet whispers of the Holy Spirit. The Lord is looking for people who will stand by Him and who will be beacons of hope in this world where there is very little light! He wants you and me to stand up for hope and carry the torch of His light of faith. Your words and your actions can be the light that someone needs around you. Let the light of the Lord shine in the dark today through your willingness to serve the Lord and to help humanity!

Suggested reading: Acts 20:28; Ephesians 1:7; 1 John 1:7

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