Miracles can still happen today

A miracle is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by nature and by science. The Bible is full of miracles. The parting of the sea, Jesus turning water into wine, Jesus multiplying bread by praying over five loaves of bread that fed five thousand people. Many miracles are recorded in the Bible but the Bible also notes that Jesus performed many more miracles that are too many to be listed in His Word. There is no limit to what Jesus did. There is no limit to what He can still do. Getting saved is a miracle. How can nature and science explain salvation? Jesus made that miracle possible for anyone who believes in Him and who follows Him. You might have experienced other miracles in your life. Can you think of one or two events that just can’t be explained by nature and science? Have you been in a situation that seemed totally impossible but then the Lord came through and blessed you with a miracle? What do you do with your miracles? Do you hang them in the attic and forget about them? Do you keep them close to your heart and still thank God for them? Today I want to encourage you to remember your miracles. When I say “your miracles” I am talking about the ones Jesus performed for you. He has miracles just for you. Your salvation was a miracle. Do you celebrate Jesus for it? In the face of adversity, we tend to forget God’s miracles. If we remember them, we think of them as great events from our pasts that don’t belong in our future. Things are not great right now in the world but it doesn’t mean that miracles have ceased. Remember your miracles and expect Jesus to perform an unlimited number of miracles in your life today and tomorrow.

Forgetting God’s goodness and His miracles is what the enemy wants for us. He doesn’t want us to keep the great memories of old alive. He would rather see us focus on the problems at hand. However, God has us in the palm of His hand and what He has planned for us overtakes the misery and the struggles life has to offer. The struggles you and I are facing today will disappear and they will be transformed like water turned into wine. Your bitter water today will be a sweet wine tomorrow. Jesus has you in His hand and He is not going to let you fall. The miracles He put in your life are still sitting on the conveyor belt of Heaven and they are on their way. Just because things are quiet spiritually, emotionally and physically doesn’t indicate that God is not about to perform something amazing in your life. Your feelings, your thoughts and your emotions don’t dictate God. God dictates everything and if He wants to bless you today or tomorrow, nothing will stop Him. Present your five loaves today and see what miracle follows. First you must give God what you have and He will multiply it beyond your wildest dreams. Let go of those five loaves and be ready to hand them to the Lord. He knows what to do with them and He knows how to bless you.

Multiplication by a thousand is pretty incredible. When Jesus fed thousands of people with only five loaves of bread, minds were stunned, hearts were encouraged and bodies were fed. Think about what that miracle did. It blew people’s mind. Your mind is about to be blown by God’s miracle. You are going to be surprised by His intervention in your life. The miracle of the loaf of bread touched people’s hearts. God is going to touch your heart in a way you did not know was possible. He is going to put so much joy in you through His miracle that your heart will sing new songs to Him. Jesus’ miracle also fed people. God’s miracle is going to feed you. It’s going to feed your faith and nurture your spiritual body. Ask God for a miracle today. Give Him what you have and He will increase it. Giving Him your loaves of bread so to speak is giving Him your heart and your will in faith. Tell Him you don’t have much but you have faith. He can work with that. Revive the miracles you have seen in your life and it will fan the flames of hope until your miracle comes. Celebrate and exalt the Lord while you are waiting. Miracles can still happen today and Jesus is going to show you that He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Suggested reading: Matthew 16:8-11; John 2:1-11; Acts 19:11-12

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