Keep the praises going

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about the current situation in the world and how it is affecting everyone. As we were talking, I got a message deep down in my spirit. It was the kind of message that lands on your heart, that grows very fast on the inside and that you have to let out. It came out naturally and it felt like a hug from the Lord. The message was, “Keep the praises going.” In the middle of everything that is taking place, the Lord is telling us to keep on praising Him. He is telling us not to change our praise routine and not to fall out of that beautiful habit. Many people have been tempted to give up on God. Many people have given up on Him but He is not giving up on anyone. He is still whispering, “Keep praising Me. Praise is the answer.” Think about it! Praise is the answer. Praise is what will get us out of this cell of fear and confusion. Praise is powerful. Praise is God showing up through the words of our adoration. The Lord is still surrounding us and winning the battles of life. This is one more battle. This appears like one gigantic battle but greater is the One who is in us than the giant of this pandemic.


This giant is presenting itself as a selfish phenomenon that is not sparing lives and that goes wherever it pleases. Its ugly ahead is all over the news. It tries to make a nest in our minds and a house in our hearts. It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t choose only a few people. It is spreading its venom all over the planet. The truth is wherever it goes, God is there too and God was there first. He has always been around. Praising Him is praising the One who started it all and who knows how it will end. It ends in His hands and believers like you and me are putting it all in the palm of His hand. We sing praises to the Lord of lords, the King of kinds the wearer of the crown of life. The answer is in our praises and we need to get together spiritually in one accord and praise life back into this world. We need to let our voices get louder than the tears caused by the agony and pain. We need to take a stand of faith and let our praises keep us standing. Today I want to encourage you to keep the praises going. Don’t let the chaotic climate change what is on the inside of you. Let the One inside of you change the negative climate around you. Do it through praise. Keep the praises going!


Praise is the element of my prayer life that ignites the flame of the Holy Spirit. When I get into praise mode, I get into Holy Ghost mode. It doesn’t take long for the presence of the Lord to manifest. He comes with joy, He comes with peace, He comes with boldness and He comes with power. The praises activate His power and I am transported into a place where nothing seems impossible, fear doesn’t show up and faith is high. It is that place of safety that we should be visiting all the time. We should visit it so often that it should become our habitation. Praise makes our house strong. Praise builds mansions of hope and castles of dominion. With praise we allow God to dominate our situations. No weapon formed against us can stand in our way when we are in the fortress of praise because that is where the Lord dwells. He is our refuge and our shelter and our praises to Him keep us under His protection. Let’s keep the praises going and doubt, fear and confusion will have no choice but to leave.


When Paul and Silas were in jail, they prayed and praised the Lord all the time. One night their praises were so strong that the whole prison was shaken and the doors were open. This is what praise does. It gets you out of the jail where you were confined unfairly and it opens doors that seemed sealed shut. Your praises are making a huge difference in your environment. They are shaking things up until they fall into place. Keep the praises going and you will keep shaking those spiritual prison doors. Keep the praises going and you will get closer to freedom one praise at a time. The world needs “prison-shakers” like you and me. The world needs people who will not be afraid to praise the Lord in their darkest hour. Keep the praises going no matter how you are feeling. Your emotions will align with the Lord’s peace and joy when you don’t stop praising Him. Get up and start praising. Get up and start shaking the jails around you. Your Lord is powerful and your praises will be the evidence of His sovereignty. Praise away!

Suggested reading: psalm 150:2; Acts 16:16-40; Hebrews 13:15

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