Sending hope to every corner of every street

Have you ever seen people preaching outside? Have you seen preachers on a corner of a street proclaiming the Gospel? Some sound like they are only talking about doom and condemnation. Some sound like all they want is for people to know Jesus. I have always wondered if I would be bold enough to do that or if I would even need to do it. I have never had the urge or the inclination to do it until I received a message about it. A lot of the street preachers are on the corner of a street. They are at the intersection of two streets. They are where two streets come together. It is also as if they were placed there to intervene and intercede. They are located where the street of despair and the street of doubt congregate.  This is all metaphorical but there is a deep meaning there. We need to position ourselves on the corner of two streets that need God’s love and God’s healing desperately. We need to stand on the corner of every street and give hope. We need to hand out pamphlets of comfort and flyers of faith. We need to stop people on the street and pray for them. Now, I am not saying we should be doing that physically. Our prayers can travel anywhere so we should be spending more time in our prayer closets these days. Those closets will put us where we need to be on the map. God is looking for believers who would spend time seeking His face and who would bridge the gap for the nations. With our prayers we can turn things around. Let’s be the hope that stands on the corner of every street in the world as we stand firm in prayer for the world.


You can feel the air is filled with a lot of negativity. This virus has spread a lot of fear and a lot of doubt. The future seems so uncertain for many people. Hope that used to be in some people’s toolbox is now nowhere to be found. That toolbox has a hole in it and hope escaped people’s hearts through the hole that fear made in the box. People have had empty pockets. Their pockets used to have coins of peace and joy but that spiritual currency has been spent. It is time we replaced the missing part of people’s tool kits. It is time we replenished the pockets of those who are craving for hope. Where can we find hope and peace these days? They are still in the Lord. The Lord is way bigger than everything that is taking place but that truth has been hidden from our minds and it can’t touch our hearts. We have guarded our hearts from the truth because the truth appears to be in a major conflict with the reality we see. However, hope is emerging. It has started showing its happy face and it can spread through people like you and me. We can help hope make a comeback. We have the power to make a difference in this negative environment. What it takes is dedication to stand for the truth of the Gospel, the truth that Jesus came to heal, that He still heals today and that there is a lot of hope in Him. He is the hope of the world. We are the messengers of that hope.


Prayer is vital and it needs to be everywhere especially these days. When people get in agreement in prayer, things start to change. Get in your prayer closet and pray not only against this pandemic but also pray for peace. Peace of mind is crucial. It enables us to handle life better. I talked about the street preachers earlier. I love hearing the messengers of hope on the street. When we pray, we give hope a chance to go places where fear and doubt have settled. We allow hope to kick fear and doubt out of the neighborhoods where peace should be residing. It is our prayers that are going to move the hand of God and bring freedom. The prayers of the righteous are powerful and that is still true today. Let’s stand on the corner of every street as we pray for the world to heal. We won’t be there in person but we will be there in spirit. God can move mountains and He will move the corona mountain so that people can see the beautiful hills of joy again. Let’s stand for peace no matter what is going on around us. Let’s pray more. Let’s hope more. Let’s be agents of faith and spokespeople of the Lord. The Lord says, “Do not fear and do not be afraid.” That is the message we should be giving the world through our words and our actions. Let’s send hope to every corner of every street today as we pray in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Romans 10:1; Ephesians 6:18; 1 Timothy 2:1

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