You will overcome this

There was a time about 8 years ago when I was nauseous a lot. It happened mostly at night. I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling very sick. I remember pacing up and down in my bedroom. The only thing that helped was prayer. It wasn’t just a prayer asking God for help. It was a prayer where I declared myself healed and whole in the name of Jesus. I rebuked the negative thoughts. I denounced the enemy and I refused to partake in the self-pity party he wanted me to have. I stood my ground despite the feelings and the sickness. It did work. Proclaiming victory and healing in the name of Jesus brought relief and I was able to go back to bed. I had to do it a few nights in a row. Same ritual, same declaration and above all same hope. My hope was in His name and that is what got me through those nights. Eventually I was diagnosed with acid reflux and I took the necessary steps to keep it under control. The first step was going to Jesus and He led me through steps 2, 3 and 4.

During those tough nights the enemy whispered into my ear that I wasn’t going to make it and that I would get sicker and sicker. In the other ear the Spirit of the Lord encouraged me to call on Jesus and said that I would overcome this. Victory always comes when we put our trust in Jesus. It might take some time. We might have to stay in faith for a while but Jesus never fails. When we count on Him, we can count on overcoming. When we rely on Him, we can rely on winning. The darker the situation, the bigger the win. You see, we often think that the worse the situation is the less of a chance we have to get through it. God doesn’t think that way. For Him there is nothing too big, nothing too dark that He can’t control. It is our faith that gives Him control over the situation. If we think like the Lord, we think in terms of overcoming and making it through anything. His thinking also implies staying in peace and continuing with life as we expect the win. The win will come. The victory is ours and it has been sponsored by Jesus Christ Himself.

You will overcome your present predicament because the One who overcame death is right there with you. You can call on Him in the daylight. You can call on Him in the middle of the night and He will answer. He will touch you with His peace and He will touch you with His freedom. You need to be freed from your current situation and Jesus can do that for you. First, He will set your mind at ease when you set your thoughts on Him. Then He will show you the steps to follow so you can get to the victory. His Spirit will encourage you along the way and tell you that you are going to make it because Jesus never fails. You will overcome the fears and the anguish. Talk against them. Declare victory over them in the name of Jesus. You will overcome the obstacles before you. See yourself stepping over the hurdles and getting to the finish line. Jesus is with you on the way to your destination. He overcame the world and now it’s your turn to overcome the thing that has been conquering you. No matter what it is, Jesus is more powerful.


You will overcome this. “This” can be anything that is keeping you up at night or that is hurting you during the day. “This” was never meant to win the battle. You are meant to be more than an overcomer in the name of Jesus. Don’t let “this” intimidate you. Intimidate the enemy by not focusing on “this” but by celebrating the One who gives life. The days ahead are going to be better than the days that have brought you to this point. Why? Every day is a day closer to your freedom, closer to your solution, closer to the right vaccination, closer to your liberation. Keep walking with the Lord. Keep believing that you will overcome this and you will in the name of Jesus. He just never fails!

Suggested reading: John 1:5; Romans 8:37; 1 John 4;4

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