Tribulations will come but the Lord will never leave you

As I was praying the other day. I was reminded of one of the verses that has been an anchor in my faith walk for years. It gave me a better perspective about what has been happening. Jesus Himself said that in this life we would have tribulations. What is a tribulation? It’s a trial, it’s trouble, it’s problems, it’s difficulties. A hard time is a tribulation. A tough season is a tribulation. Now, we all have problems and they are al different. Some are bigger than others. Some are easier to deal with than others. Some seem impossible to overcome. Some are a piece of cake. Some keep us up at night. All these things fall under the category of tribulations. Think of the smallest problems you have ever had and the biggest ones you have had to face. This pandemic is definitely a tribulation. What does Jesus have to say about it? In John 16:33, He declared that those tribulations were part of life. There is nothing we can do about that. As long as we are here, difficulties and challenges will come. It sounds alarming but He is warning us and encouraging us. He ends His declaration by adding that He had conquered the world. His conquest covers everything that will ever take place in this world. This includes this virus and the havoc it’s been wreaking. Saying that it is a bad situation is an understatement but saying that God can’t get us out of this mess is a wrong statement. Today I want to set the record straight and quote the Lord; in this life we will have tribulations but let’s not lose hope because Jesus conquered the world. Spend time meditating on this truth every day. I suggest you do it in the morning. Get yourself spiritually charged up in the morning so you can deal with what the day brings. Your spiritual strength will spill into your emotional sphere. Attack your emotions early with the positive message from that verse. Things are bad for now but let’s be of good cheer. The Lord conquered these tribulations and we will see a change in due time.


The whole verse* is “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” What an encouraging statement! I love it! I pray that it speaks to your heart and that you keep it in your heart. Those words are like honey soothing the throat of a sick person who has not been able to say anything because of the pain that life has caused him. Have you ever been at the point where you couldn’t speak because things were just too intense in your life? I know that many people feel that way and that beautiful truth spoken by the Lord can bring some major relief. He tells us that in Him we can find peace. The media and the news will not give us peace. They have to present what’s going. Their tone can be very destabilizing and frightening. We have to be aware of what is going on but we can’t let that sink in and drop into our spirits because it will mess us up. It will chip away at our faith and it will weaken our spiritual core and send our emotional equilibrium into unbalanced disaster. Peace is key these days and it can be found in Jesus. Like I said earlier, it is crucial to start the day with the Lord. It is important to let His message get inside of us first thing in the morning before the news comes and tries to uproot our serenity. I like to thank the Lord first thing in the morning. I thank Him for everything. I center myself in His goodness and I let His love be all I see and all I acknowledge. It is as if I let myself drown in His presence. Get filled up with Jesus in the morning and you will have peace to face the day.


We can’t ignore our tribulations. Closing our eyes and pretending that everything was fine is not a solution. The Lord never said we should do that. He wants us to stay in faith and to stay strong. He sees us as conquerors because we are the children of the One who conquered this world. See yourself as the conqueror that you are. You are conquering fear. You are conquering anxiety. You are conquering this virus and you are doing it all in the name of Jesus. He is the One who is making all the winning possible. Lean on Him. Rely on Him. Do not lean on your own understanding but depend on God’s understanding and His understanding dictates that you are going to make it and that you are going to be in His peace as you remain in Him. Tribulations will come but the Lord will never leave you!

Suggested reading: John 14:27; *John 16:33; 2 Thessalonians 3:16



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