God will not fail you

“God will not fail me” is what I declared the other morning. It’s important to adhere to that mindset and to live by that truth. We can attach all sorts of ideas to God and think that He is good and powerful but when we look underneath those thoughts and we find out a layer of less positive affirmations, we ought to deal with them. God will not fail us and that is all there is to it. Doubts will come and present themselves as that layer that is trying to get between you and God. Our faith is at risk all the time and negative thoughts are doing their best to remove faith. When I say that God will not fail me, I am not only declaring war against doubt, I am also changing the atmosphere in my life. What we say has power. We have the power to bring life and the power to bring death into our circumstance. Today is resurrection Sunday. Life is here. Jesus came to give us life and today is what we celebrate. I want to encourage you to keep giving life to positive affirmations and to the truth of the Gospel in your life. Choose life by sticking with the One who conquered death. Do it by what you declare. Let go of words of defeat. Abandon those declarations of lack and failure. “God will not fail you” is a good way to start your trend of speaking life into your circumstances. These days we all wonder if God will come through. He will. There is no doubt about it unless you less doubt be your spokesperson. Jesus took care of death. He took care of everything on the cross. He will not fail you. Rejoice and continue to celebrate Him. His life is being injected into your life every time you declare that He won’t fail you. Trust Him!

As a kid I loved Easter. I loved what it represented. I loved how it was the celebration of life after all had seemed lost. When that Friday night came and Jesus was on the cross, all seemed to have failed. Life was gone and hope disappeared. I can only imagine the silence and the sadness that invaded the earth. That sorrow and that resignation is where we find ourselves way too often. We get stuck on that Friday night and we think that God failed. We don’t always express that sentiment but when you think about it, acting defeated and losing hope equals seeing God as defeated and not having hope in Him. The Friday night mentality can bring us down and hurt our faith. I actually love Friday nights because they mark the start of the weekend. I see my Friday nights as great times to celebrate and be joyful. When things get tough and hope is lost, I want to remind myself that I am going through a Friday night phase that calls for a celebration and not for desperation. Jesus didn’t fail on Friday night. That night was a set-up for the greatest pay-back in the universe. God will not fail you, friend. Resurrection Sunday is here to stay.

God will not fail you. He will always come through. There might be some lag. It might take Him a few days to set you free, to bless you or to heal you but He will do it. Right now, you could be experiencing your Saturday. It’s that time between your Friday and resurrection Sunday. Stay strong. Your Saturday could be filled with uncertainty but don’t let it get you down. Pray and praise while you are waiting. Don’t stop declaring that your Lord will not fail you. He will not. Having faith in God’s ability to be the God that He is makes life more manageable. Stay stuck on Sunday. Every day is a new day that the Lord has made and the power of resurrection Sunday is available every day. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. Nothing is impossible to Him. When all else fails, hold on to the One who can never fail. God will never fail you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 94:14; Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5

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