Invite God every day

As believers we have the Spirit of God in us. However, He can be dormant. If we live our lives as if God were not there, He won’t show up. If we spend our days digging into the world and letting the world have our entire attention, the Spirit will be dormant. Ignoring God daily is like putting a mussel on Him. We all have spiritual ears and we can all decide how we are going to use those ears. If we are more engaged with the world than we are engaged with the Lord, our ears will hear the world clearly and we will be deaf to God’s voice. The Spirit of God is a gentleman and He won’t budge in unless we invite Him in. We have the power to invite God in every day. I talk about prayer all the time because prayer is vital to the Christian life. I once asked a friend from Church how often he prayed. I wasn’t trying to judge him or criticize him. I was honestly interested in what he had to say because I had no idea. He said he prayed most days. He said people thought he was overdoing it because he prayed regularly. Jesus prayed all the time. We are encouraged to pray without ceasing. Praying once a week at church is like inviting God into our lives once a week. If you invite someone once a week, how well will you know that person? God should not be an occasional guest. I love saying that He is the guest who becomes the host. I don’t want to invite God just when I have time or when I remember that He is around. I want Him to be completely at home in my heart. I don’t want Him to share His dwelling place with squatters. We allow too many squatters into our lives. They get so comfortable that we can’t kick them out and we get used to them. Today I want to encourage you to invite God in all the time. Give Him first place. Let Him be the host. Let Him be your best friend. Don’t cause His Spirit to be dormant because you don’t invite Him enough.

There are a few events during the year when God is invited in.
Christmas and Easter are the main two events. People love talking about the resurrection during Easter time but the rest of the year, death is what dominates their spiritual lives. I have been there. I have allowed myself to be a fervent Christian on a given time when the Lord wanted me to acknowledge Him all the time. I was fervent on occasions but most of the time I was a lukewarm Christian who was on fire only during special events. Being an “event Christian” is better than nothing some will say but I think it can be detrimental because it’s limiting God in space and time. Allocating God specific space and time is seeing Him as Someone who is not big enough to occupy all our time. God is not a “touch and go” God. He is not on and off. He shouldn’t be switched on when we need Him and turned off when we are all set. We are never all set. We need Him every day, all the time. Prayer is for all the time and for every day. This pandemic is making us rethink how frequently we should be inviting God in. The more we invite Him in, the stronger we are when something bad takes place. Jesus is alive every day not just on that one Sunday! Resurrection Sunday was the start and His resurrection is still relevant today.

I have learned that I can’t dissociate prayer from praise. They go hand in hand. When I praise the Lord, I get into His presence very quickly. He inhabits the praises of His people. He is right there in the praises. He is in our hearts and our praises get Him going so to speak. Our praises touch His heart and His presence invades the atmosphere. I don’t want to sound like God is a genie and if we rub our belly with praise He will come out. God dwells in the heart of the believer and when we praise Him, we activate our faith to see Him and to acknowledge Him. We can’t praise someone that we don’t believe exists. Praise must come from the heart and it is that kind of praise that invites the Lord in. Praise Him away. Don’t get weary. Praise Him every day. Sing to Him. You don’t have to have the best voice in the world to praise Him. He loves the sound of your voice. Anything from your heart is pleasing to Him. Keep sending invitations to God. He will always show up and He will always spend time with you. My prayer is that we can all invite the Lord in every single day no matter what is going on in our lives. Thank the Lord for He is with you all day. Thank the Lord that you can see His love and goodness every day. He is right there with you!


Suggested reading: Psalm 22:3; Romans 8:9; Ephesians 3:17

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