God is like no other

I could spend the whole day reflecting and thinking about how great God is. 24 hours still wouldn’t be enough because God’s goodness is so big. You can’t size it up and you can’t measure it. Yet in our minds we have a vision of what God is like and oftentimes that vision needs to be changed and to be rectified. When the Bible tells us to renew our minds, it refers to everything in our minds. It refers to renewing our vision of God first because He is what really matters. If we can see God for who He is, we will see life for what it truly is according to Him. If God is limitless in our minds, our faith can take us anywhere. It is hard to think that God can only do certain things and then try to have big faith. Our faith in God is only as big as God is for us. It sounds simple but it is a practical principle of faith. I used to hear about how God did this and that and how He couldn’t do this and that. My faith at the time was limited because the God I was hearing about was limited. We put God in boxes and we believe He can only operate within those boxes. Today I want to encourage you to take God out of the boxes of your mind. Set Him free. Let God be God. Let Him be who He is and you will see a change in your life. God can change anyone’s life but the change occurs based on the measure of our faith. I want big faith. I want blind faith. God is like no other. That is the truth. If you are struggling these days and you don’t know how you will get out of the mess you are in, start meditating on the God who is like no other. He is greater and stronger than anything that will ever come your way. Develop your faith in the One who is like no other.


There is one place where you can get a clear picture of how big God is: it’s the Word of God. God is omnipotent and almighty and His Word describes Him very well. I love getting lost in the Word of God and reading about His great exploits and His love for us all. I don’t know of anyone who loves like God does. He loves like no other. For Him to give His only Son to save the world when we were all sinners, is beyond me. I can’t fathom the depth of the sacrifice that brought about our salvation. His sacrifice is unparalleled. A love that big can’t be found anywhere else. I think that if we start by learning about God’s love and how big it is, we will start in the right place. So many of us are looking for God in all the wrong places. Some people focus on the prosperity aspect of the Gospel. Some people see doom and gloom and predict the end of the world every year based on their interpretation of the Word. Some people see God as a divider who puts people into categories. God loves like no other. His unconditional love is what makes Him God. As the head of the Church, Jesus is the head of love. Love is where we find Him. Love is what makes Him unique. Now, it is not the human kind of love. It is a love that is wider and broader than the universe. Picture that in your mind and you will get a glimpse of who God is.


God can get you out of any mess, any problem, any trouble and any tribulation because He loves you unconditionally and because He can do all things. It’s time we went back to praising the Lord who can do all things. The One who can do the impossible. I like to thank the Lord every morning and say that I believe nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible to Him. The more I hear myself say that, the more it drops into my spirit and comes to life. I am creating a stronghold in my heart and it is a stronghold of faith in the Lord of the impossible. I am building a wall every day and it is a wall of protection against doubt and fear. Every time I pray and declare how great my God is, the wall gets taller and taller. Build your wall of faith every day. Build a wall against thoughts of a small god and thoughts of a limited god. God is like no other and you can get to know that amazing God through His Word, through prayer, through fellowship with Him, through receiving His love and giving His love. The God of the impossible is on your side. Fear not. God can handle any situation you are in now. Stay encouraged. He is like no other!

Suggested reading:  Habakkuk 3:17-19; Luke 1:37; John 3:16

3 thoughts on “God is like no other

  1.  If we can see God for who He is, we will see life for what it truly is according to Him.

    Thank you..loved this line so much, I need to refocus indeed, see GOD as He is not as I presume Him to be. Thanks and God bless

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