Choose God all day long

Every day we have a choice to make; we choose God or we choose the world. Every day we take sides; we side with God or we side with the world. Every day we have a confession to make; we confess what God says or we confess what the world says. The choices we make can vary throughout the day. We can be with God first thing in the morning and we can be deep in the world in the afternoon. We live in this world so we can’t ignore it. We live in this world so we must be participants of the world. However, we don’t have to agree with the world. We don’t have to live our lives as if we were not saved or as if God didn’t exist. We do that way too often without realizing it. How can we be aware of the choices we make? Here is a simple test. With everything that is going on in the world right now, are you talking fear and defeat? Are you seeing yourself perish or are you seeing yourself overcoming? These are tough questions that need our attention. The way we act, the way we react reflect the choices we make. This is true in everything. If we decide to act with criticism and negative talk about others, guess what decision we make. If we decide not to read God’s Word and not to pray, our decision is clear. We find all the right excuses that justify our lack of time. We can get very busy but if we are too busy for God, we are making decisions outside of His will. Today I want to encourage you to join me on a quest to find out what decisions we make, what sides we take and strive to change those habits. More than ever we need to choose God. We need to take Him into consideration all the time.

Choosing fear is easy. Choosing fear is natural. Our senses are pre-programmed to indulge in fear and worry. As we grow up it doesn’t seem that we have to learn how to worry. It’s in us. The Bible tells us not to worry 365 times. This means that every day we have the power not to worry. God would not ask us to do something that is not possible for us. When He says, “Do not worry,” He is saying “Choose Me.” What does that look like? When fear and worry come, we can choose to give them time out. We can tell them “Not today fear. Not today worry. I choose Jesus over you.” Then we should engage in prayer and ask God to release His peace into our hearts. After prayer comes praise. When worry is knocking at your door, knock it down with praise. Exalt Jesus over worry and fear. Re-program yourself by letting the Lord be part of the process. Choose the Lord over the world. Fear and worry are rampant in the world. You don’t belong in that sphere of negativity. You belong with the Lord and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

Choosing freedom is work but it’s not impossible
. Nothing is impossible to the one who believes. You believe, friend. Don’t let the enemy blind you to that truth. Your faith in the Lord is all you need to defeat what the world wants you to feast on. You are not going to eat all the hatred, all the pain and all the failure the world is putting on your table. The Lord has set a table before you with blessings galore. Choose that table. Send the world’s table packing. Tell the enemy to pack his things and be on his way. You don’t want any of it. You can choose freedom over frustration. You can choose freedom over chains. Your freedom starts with your confession. Get used to making positive confessions. Watch your words. Watch the power of the Word in your mouth. Say what Jesus says about your situation. He says that you are going to make it. He says that He has won the battles for you. He says that His resurrection is enough. He says that He loves you and there is no fear in perfect love. He says that His angels are ministering to you and protecting you so therefore you will not be defeated. Choose God over the world. Choose God over the chains of the enemy. You are not bound by misery. You are bound to victory. Things will start to change for the better in your life when you choose God through your words, through your attitude and through your thoughts. Choose God all day long and you will have peace all day long. Choose God all day long and you will stay in His will all day long. Choose God all day long and your day will be the best day!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:1; Romans 8:28; 1 John 4:18

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