More of God than you can imagine

When I was a baby Christian, I saw God as being huge. To me He was bigger than the universe and more powerful than anyone. I pictured how He was so much bigger than the devil and that the devil was a tiny particle compared to God. God was invincible and almighty. As I started growing in the Lord, or I should say when I got older, my vision of God was altered. He was still powerful but my problems seemed excessively big and so my God looked smaller than before. I did not realize that the vision of my problems affected my vision of God. I also equated my physical growth with my spiritual growth and I was wrong. Seeing God as smaller than my problems was not a sign of spiritual growth. It took me a while to get back to a more accurate vision of God. Today I am here to remind you that God is still bigger than your problems. He is still on the throne and He is still powerful. No matter what is going on in your life, God is big enough to take care of it. There is enough of God to go around. There is enough of God to bless you, to heal you, to prosper you, to keep you safe and to love you. You are not a drop in a sea of billions of people. To God you are the most important person there is. His love is limitless and there is plenty of it for you. There is more of God than you will ever need. It is a truth that should be kept on you. Not only in the back pocket of your mind but it should be etched on your heart. God is bigger and stronger than your current circumstances. Nothing is too difficult for Him. You will never be able to deplete God’s love for you and His power will always, always be around. Put your chin up. Look up. Do not look down. The Lord of miracles and unlimited love is still on your side.

You might be thinking that you are down on your luck and that “God has expired.” You might be thinking that your blessings have been canceled and your life is going to be a vicious cycle of a bad experiences. Bad luck could be on your mind. Things happen but God happens too. He is not gone. His love has not expired. His presence is still around. If you think you got all the God you would get in your lifetime, let me assure you that you are mistaken. There is a lot more of God than you can imagine. Nothing can change God. Not this pandemic and not any of its negative effects can prevent God from blessing you. If you turn to Him and relentlessly seek His face, ignoring the negative chatter in your mind, you will see how God can show up and fix your life. He can fix anything and the way your life is now cannot be compared to how beautiful it is going to be. I say it and declare it in Jesus’ name. God is going to restore what you lost and more. There is plenty of His power and of His love to go around. Your life is in His hands. It has not escaped from His grip. If you need to get stronger in your faith about God’s presence in your life, ask Him for help. Ask Him once and then thank Him forever. Thank Him by saying out loud that your God is more than enough and there is more than enough of Him to bless you for the rest of your life and into Heaven. God is interested in showing you Heaven on earth. Whatever you ask in faith, He can do it if it aligns with His will. Seek His kingdom. Seek His face. He is so much bigger and larger than anything you will ever know. God is generous and He will give you abundance of peace, love, and joy.


It is time you celebrated the Lord who is bigger than all. It is time you saw Him for who He is. Your life is going to be impacted by God’s goodness again as you build up your faith and hope is back in the game. Look at your circumstances. Stare them in the face and let them know that your God is more than enough. He has so much more power than the most difficult problems. He can solve and fix anything in one second. Build up the greatness of God in your heart. Let His kindness be a sign of hope. He is kind and He is love and He will not let you down. Everything you read in the Bible about how amazing God is stands true today. Shake the fear off. Shake the worry off. There is more of God than you will ever know and He is going to bless you more than you will ever know. Expect great things from Him even when the world seems to be shutting down. Nothing can shut down the Lord. He is still God. Stay in faith. Your world is going to change again for the best in Jesus’ name!
Suggested reading: Jeremiah 10:6; Psalm 86:8; 2 Corinthians 13:4

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