When your faith takes a beating

Faith is like a muscle that we can flex. It needs to be strengthened and it needs to be exercised. Faith is like a muscle that gives a punch to our tough circumstances. It is the punch that knocks the opposition down. The stronger the faith, the stronger the punch. When life comes at you with some low unexpected blows, your faith can retaliate with peace, with confidence in God and with hope. Strong faith or blind faith doesn’t look at the situation at all. It looks at Jesus who handles all situations. Blind faith doesn’t see defeat. It sees victory. It doesn’t allow fear to dominate us. It dominates fear by putting it in a headlock. Faith calls the shots when the enemy tries to shoot us with bullets of discouragement. Faith gives us courage.

Faith gives us boldness and resilience. However, sometimes bad circumstances keep piling up. They form a mountain that is too heavy for us to bear. Our faith muscles get weak under the pressure of that pile of negativity. We try to stay strong but the enemy finds the weakness that atrophies our faith. What should we do when our faith takes a beating? When our ability to deal with life’s punches is diminished, we need to increase the One who killed death and its cohort of negativity. Today I want to encourage you to keep fighting the good fight of faith even when you are feeling too weak to lift a faith muscle. Remind yourself of where your strength comes from. Remind yourself of Who is fighting your battles. Get back in the ring and let the best Coach spot you, guide you and strengthen you. You might have lost a few battles along the way but the Lord won the war for you and you will get to the finish line, the victory line.

It’s amazing how much stronger we can get if we work out regularly following an effective workout routine. I used to exercise with a trainer and I would notice great changes in my body week after week. Faith works the same way. When you exercise it regularly, you get great results. Exercising implies putting pressure on our bodies in order to develop resistance and strength. Exercising our faith means applying pressure to it so that we can build it up. How do we do that? First, we need the proper foundation. The Word of God and the counsel of the Holy Spirit provide the foundation and the background we need. Our faith should be based on what God says. Our faith should be rooted in the Lord and His promises. We ought to have a personal connection with God where we are fed the truth and we are given the spiritual food that will nourish our faith. This should be a daily occurrence. God’s Word should be a part of our lives on the regular. Meditating on the Word gives us the faith structure on which we can build our house of faith.

When our foundation stays in place by regular “inhaling” of God’s Word, practice should be welcomed. The only way we are going to practice is by applying what we learned. Applying faith happens when things go wrong and faith is our resort. If everything is always going well, we can’t apply our faith and we can’t develop it. We dread trials and adversity. They are destabilizing but we can look at them as opportunities to get more faith muscles. If there is no pressure on our faith muscles, they won’t grow. When life beats you up and leaves your spiritual, your emotional and your physical body in a bad condition, run to the One who can recondition everything. The beating can deplete you of faith but it doesn’t mean that your Lord is weaker. Our faith can fluctuate but Jesus stays the same.

When your faith gets a beating, look to the founder and the author of your faith. Take yourself out of the picture and let the Lord show you the bigger picture. In the bigger picture He will point out that He is in control. He is in every part of the picture of your life. He is constant and He is still in control. Talk to the Holy Spirit. Let Him coach you back to faith. Pray and ask for help. Tell the Lord you need assistance. Focus on Him. Focus on His muscles so to speak. He will reveal Himself mighty and powerful again. He will lift you up and give you a boost again. The author of your faith is also the author of the victory chapters of your life. There are many of those chapters and when you leave it up to Him, He starts writing a new chapter where hope is everywhere, peace is back on the throne of your mind and faith makes a comeback with a bigger punch. Don’t give up. When you are weak, the Lord is strong. Keep praying when you are weak. You will see how strong your God is!

Suggested reading: Psalm 73:26; Isaiah 40:29; 2 Corinthians 12:10

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