God knows what’s coming next

With this new global situation, a lot of schools are closed and learning is happening online. I post my lessons every day for my students. It is a new way of teaching that comes with its own set of challenges. Checking the work and then planning for the next day has been part of the challenge. I sometimes must wait and see how the kids understood the lesson before I can develop one for the next day. The question that comes to my mind often is “what’s the next step?” or “what’s the next part of the plan?”  I have also asked myself what the next step was in my life. I have wondered what was coming next. I have wondered where I needed to go next and what steps to take to get there. The truth is that God knows all our steps.


The Lord knows where we came from, where we are now and where we are going. The next steps are not anything we should worry about. God has all the steps of His plan. We are not supposed to figure everything out on our own. Who knows when this pandemic will end? Who knows what our towns and cities will be like when it is over? Who knows what the next part of God’s plan is? God knows. God knows it all and He is not worried one bit about it. The Lord knew this pandemic was coming and He did not make any changes to His Word and to His promises. He didn’t attach a spiritual addendum to the end of His Book stating that He is not in control anymore. Your next steps are clear to God and He will lead you through each one of them.

When I present myself vulnerable to the Lord and I tell Him I don’t know where I am going next, He always shows me the way. His Word is a lamp into our paths. When we are unsure of the future or unsure of where to go next, it looks like we are in the dark and we see no light. We can’t see the next few steps. We can’t see the path we are supposed to follow. We can’t walk and we can’t move. Uncertainty and fear have a way of paralyzing us and keeping us in one spot. Spiritual and emotional paralyses are real and they give way to physical paralysis.


God is a moving God. He has always been moving. When He created the world, His Spirit was in constant movement. God is still moving today and He can take us on a moving journey where we are going places that our minds can’t fathom but our hearts can accept in faith. When I turn to God for my next steps, He sets everything in motion. He likes it when I humble myself and I go to Him for help. It is what is needed for Him to get me where I should to be. Now, He leads me in various ways but the number one place where I am made aware of the next steps is in prayer.

Praying about our future can sound cliché but it is always relevant.
Our prayer about what’s coming next should be a prayer of surrender. It is crucial to put ourselves in God’s hands instead of asking Him to do as we say. I used to tell God what He had to do next in my life. I used to have a list of all the events that should take place in my life and God had to figure out the best way to make these things happen. In other words, I used to play God as if I knew better. I never got anywhere other than the land of frustration and doubt. When we pray and we ask God to do it our way and the answer doesn’t come, doubt settles in. The enemy wants us to ask God to do it our way because he knows it will result in doubt and suffering. God knows best. When we look for direction from Him, we need to let Him lead the way. You can say, “Lord, I don’t know what’s coming next but I know You have it all planned out. I trust in Your plan and I ask you to show me the way. You are in control and I am honored to be led by Your Spirit.”


Give God free range. Let Him take your foot of faith and put it in front of your other foot for you. Let Him be the leader of the lane of your future. Stay in that lane in faith. God will not only take care of every step; He will make sure that you are protected and well surrounded as you move forward. His angels are deployed when we pray in faith. They will lift you so you don’t get hurt on the way. God has a plan. Your future is in His hands. Don’t worry about tomorrow. God knew about your tomorrow way before your yesterday. Stay in peace. Stay in praise. God knows all the next steps and they are taking you to a good, good place!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 30:21; Isaiah 58:11; John 14:26

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