To the one who needs a miracle today

I mentioned the other day how I get messages when I pray. Messages that appear to be movies playing in the background of my mind. God speaks to us during prayer time. Prayer is not just about talking to God but it is a great opportunity for Him to talk to us. He talks to us in many ways and prayer is one of the spaces He uses to make His will known, to comfort us, to guide us and to give us revelations. Some of the messages I receive in that safe space have nothing to do with what I was thinking about right then and they seem disconnected from my realities. Other messages are answers to questions I have had or confirmations. If I quiet my mind and listen, there is always some type of message. I often end up writing messages especially when they don’t make sense to me at the time. One recent message was about the Lord saving us and getting us out of a ditch. I saw the Lord extending His hand and getting people out of what looked like quicksand and huge puddles of mud where they had been sinking. He said, “Whoever needs a miracle today, take My hand.” He was addressing the world and offering His hand to rescue whoever needed His help. It was not just help with a daily issue. He was offering help to people who needed a miracle, people who needed an act from God. I would say that most of us are in need of a miracle today.
Take heart, friend. The Lord is extending His hand to you and providing the miracle you need. Today I want to encourage you to grab His hand and let Him pull you out of the mud of your problems and put you in a sphere of miracles. The Lord is watching over you and He is looking at you with so much love that the hatred around you will have to fall apart. Focus on His love. Focus on His smile. Pray that you see His smile. Love is where it all starts and you need to know that love always saves the day. The Lord’s love comes to the rescue. It is His love that led to your salvation. It is His love that comes down and blesses you. It is His love that wins all the battles. When you are going through a tough season, it is hard to understand that love is the way. Love never dies. Love is alive and love brings life. Hope might look like a dead feeling today but God’s hope rises above all feelings. It is a reality. With God hope is alive and well. There is hope for you today. Your miracle is coming to you. Grab the Lord’s hand. Let His love pull you up. An amazing blessing is on the way.

When someone gives you his or her hand to help you out, it’s up to you to accept the help or to turn it down. Pride can get in the way. Insecurity can get in the way. Lack of trust can get in the way and even fear can be an obstacle. Surrender is key. Don’t let your ego get the best of you. The Lord is giving you a chance to be blessed when you leave your ego behind. Your help comes from the Lord. No one else can do what He does the way He does it. Trust that He is able. Trust that His hand is mighty and it is strong enough to get you out of that mud. You might be saying, “But you don’t understand what I have been going through. It would take a miracle for my situation to change.” That is where the Lord comes in. Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible to Him. Spend time meditating on that truth. Build up your faith in it. Read about the Lord’s incredible exploits and miracles in His Word. What He did before, He can do again and more!

God has pulled you up before and you saw the power of His hand. He parted the seas for you before. He turned your water into wine. He opened your spiritual blind eyes. Now, let Him resurrect hope in you so your faith in Him can grow again. All He is saying is “Believe in Me. I can do anything and everything. Nothing can stop Me. Nothing is too difficult for Me.” God has a miracle for you today. What seems to be like a major act from God is a simple deed in His mind. Jesus spoke with authority against sickness and evil spirits. Jesus spoke with authority against the storms. Jesus spoke with authority against the enemy who tried to tempt Him in the desert. Jesus is speaking with authority against your storms and against the enemy today. He is speaking up for you. He is speaking up against what is bringing you down. Thank Him for speaking up for you. Thank Him for giving you the miracle you need today. Grab His hand in faith. Believe He can do it. Trust that He is the God of miracles and that He does great things. To you, friend who need a miracle today, I say that you should hold on to Jesus’ love and you will receive the miracle that has been awaiting you. Nothing is impossible to God!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14; Luke 1:37; Hebrews 6:18

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