Even when it’s raining hard I will praise the Lord

These past few weeks it has been raining a lot. The other day it was pouring and the rain kept me from going outside. I wanted to go check the mail but seeing how hard it was raining I decided to wait. The rain can be pretty daunting. Walking in the rain is not a fun time. You get all wet and you can’t do your normal activities. Sometimes problems come down on our lives like torrential rain. There are so many problems that you don’t feel like doing anything but sit and think about the problems. The rain showers of difficulties can be very daunting. They can be intimidating. They can keep us from doing our normal activities. The rain can also be a blessing. It is God causing showers of blessings to impact our lives. Depending on what type of showers we are experiencing we will react differently. We suffer and we retract on ourselves during the tough rain and we dance and rejoice in the rain of blessings. Today I want to encourage you to walk in the rain no matter what kind it is. Dance in the rain. Rejoice in the rain even when it’s raining trials and tribulations. Don’t let the rain stop you from being outside and from making progress in your faith walk. Use the rain of difficulties as an opportunity to keep walking in faith and to keep praising the Lord. Come what may, Jesus is the same. The rain that is coming down hard on your life is an event that can’t keep the Lord from blessing you. It’s not pleasant but it’s not your final destination. When it’s raining hard you should be praising the Lord harder.

I am not one to carry an umbrella. I would rather wear a raincoat and get soaked a little bit rather than walk around with an umbrella. I know that it’s wrong because umbrellas offer a lot of protection from the rain. I am working on having an umbrella with me on cloudy days just in case. God provides an umbrella that never fails on any cloudy day. He has protection for each one of us when we choose Him as our refuge. He is not an accessory. He is a permanent shield. We should not worry about the menacing clouds. When things look bad on the horizon, we should be able to keep going and not expect the worst to come. There are chances that the worst will make its way to us but our shield of protection will repel the worst weather conditions. God is a shield that has an unlimited power of protection. Whether we are facing thunderstorms or tornadoes, God is the refuge that keeps us safe. Let’s not look at how bad the weather is but let’s look at how good our God is.

When it’s raining hard and the weather is gloomy, negative emotions can be stirred up on the inside. Our outside circumstances can affect our spiritual temperature on the inside. We can get cold inside when problems are heating up. I have found that prayer is the thermostat that allows me to control my spiritual temperature. Prayer resets me on the inside. It lowers the temperature when I get too heated up with anger and frustration and it increases the temperature when I am too cold because of sorrow and pain. God will do that. He will always change us on the inside when we pray. That is why praying every day is a habit we should sustain. Prayer looks at the rain and says “My God won’t let me get wet. He will change this rain of torment into a rain of blessings. Thank You Lord for keeping me safe in the rain.” The prayer of faith is not fazed by the storm but it enables you to weather any storm. Prayer and praise go together so it is important to praise the Lord in all kinds of weather.

“Even when it’s raining hard, I will praise the Lord” is one of my declarations of faith
. I have been collecting these declarations for the past few years and I take them out when needed. I keep my collection close to my heart so that my declarations are the reactions that I resort to in all types of weather. When it is raining hard, my praises increase. It used to be that the harder the rain, the harder the pain. The pain still comes but my praises deter the pain. They deter the rain. Praise is how Paul and Silas responded when they were in prison and God shook the earth and opened the prison doors. Your rain today might be like a jail cell that is keeping you captive. Praise your way out of that cell. Praise your way back to freedom. Don’t let the rain keep you in jail. Use the rain to show yourself that there is always hope no matter what life brings your way. Walk in the rain in faith. Walk in the rain with God your refuge, the best umbrella that exists. Dance in the rain with praise. Rejoice because the Lord is still with you even when it’s raining hard. Keep going. Keep praying. A rain of blessings is coming. Even when it’s raining hard, you can still praise the Lord. The harder the rain, the harder the praise!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 25:1; Acts 16:25; Colossians 3:16

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