A message on spiritual peace

There is so much more peace in the Lord than we imagine. That whole concept of peace that surpasses all understanding is phenomenal. I see it in my life and I actually experience it right after I have experienced chaos. When all is well that peace seems normal. When things go bad, that peace comes and ravages all the chaos and the fear. Sometimes we have to go through bad things to understand the good things in our lives. Sometimes we have to go through chaotic situations to better appreciate the peaceful moments. God can give peace. He is the founder of peace and He is peace. I remember going through sleepless nights a while ago and the negative thoughts were so strong that I didn’t think there could ever be peace. The enemy can hold us in such a low position that we are under the impression that we will never rise up again. Today I want to remind you that God’s peace that surpasses all understanding still exists. It can still change your world in no time. It is still available so that you can get up and walk again. The enemy might be giving you fear and worry now but the Lord has a peace that is not of this world and it is going to bless you abundantly. His peace is supernatural.


Jesus said that He was giving us peace. Not the way the world gives peace but in His own way. His ways are higher than the world’s. He can do what the world can’t do. When the Lord says He is giving us peace, He is saying that He is giving us a part of who He is. He is replacing that area that the enemy took over with fear and He is putting Himself in that slot. He is kicking out the evil so that good can sit in the middle of our hearts. God is good all the time and there is no evil in Him. The confusion, the chaos and the fear you are experiencing are not from Him. What should you do then? Rebuke them. Reject them. Talk to them and tell them they are not from God so you don’t want them. Talk to the bad emotions and the negative thoughts that the enemy has been using. Tell them that you are not a slave to the enemy and you are not in agreement with the evil contract he wants you to sign. That contract of fear and worry has to be torn apart. You are not going to sign it, friend. You are not going to put it into practice. This agreement stops now. You disagree with fear. You disagree with worry and you have to let that be known. Say it out loud so your mind and your heart can hear it. Say it out loud so you can exercise your authority in Jesus’ name.


If the Lord’s peace surpasses all understanding that means that we shouldn’t try to comprehend it but we should accept it in faith. It is ok to thank the Lord for His peace before you see it. Let your faith manifest it. Let your words support His peace and welcome it into your life. We all need peace today and tomorrow. We all need to be overwhelmed by God’s serenity and tranquility. God’s peace is powerful. It is a force to be reckoned with but it is sometimes underestimated. The Bible encourages us to let our requests be known through prayer and supplication and the peace of God will take over. Prayer does produce amazing results. It can bring the peace we need anytime. The prayer of faith is a great contract with God. It’s an agreement where both parties sign a clause and agree to do their part. Your part is to believe and to thank God. His part is to give you peace that is supernatural. The supernatural peace of the Lord stands its ground even when there is no reason to be at peace. It is more powerful than fear and more powerful than any negative feelings and emotions. Invite the supernatural peace of the Lord by casting your fears on Him and by expecting great things in Jesus’ name!


Suggested reading: Luke 1:78-79; John 14:27; Philippians 4:6-7

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