Recharge your batteries with God

One thing that has become clear through the years is how I can renew my strength in the Lord. I find that He has what it takes to change my level of energy, to give me a boost, to give me rest and to renew my spiritual and emotional make-up. He is the One who can recharge my batteries. I didn’t know that for the longest time. I thought it was all in my hands and that I had to fend for myself when it came to recharging myself. After a long day at work, after a tough season, after a period of spiritual staleness, it is hard to get filled with God again so to speak. I love the reality of being filled with God. His Spirit is in us but there is a need to be refilled with His presence. Why? We empty ourselves of Him every time we let more of the world in. It doesn’t mean that He leaves us. It means that we reduce the space we give Him in us. The less space He has, the less we will be aware of Him. Isn’t the goal to acknowledge Him in all we do? To be able to do that we have to be aware of Him. Being Holy Spirit-conscious is key. I believe it is what makes some Christians stand out. If we are filled with the Spirit all the time, it will be difficult for life to get us down and to defeat us. My message today is an encouragement to stay filled with the Spirit by recharging your spiritual batteries. I encourage you to not only be filled as much as you can but I also encourage you to rely on the Lord to do the refilling when needed. Rest in the Lord and you will soar like an eagle. Rest in the Lord and you will be well-surrounded. Rest in the Lord and you will have peace that is tangible, noticeable and indelible.


“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength”. This verse, Isaiah 40:31, spells out what we need to do to recharge our batteries. Waiting on the Lord will get us there. Back when I first received the Holy Spirit in a big way, I had some of the most wonderful days of my life. I was just content being in the moment and enjoying the Lord. Everything was so much better because of Jesus. Every day felt like Jesus was in everything. I could see beauty, peace, joy in everything because the Holy Spirit kept pointing me toward Jesus. I remember being in college sitting at my desk and thinking “This is the best day of my life.” Every day was the best day. I was thrilled by life because the source of my life was highlighted. The Spirit of the Lord highlighted Jesus to a high degree that removed all fear. Nothing seemed impossible. Everything was an opportunity for a great lesson or a great blessing. Now, the one thing I also noticed was that when I would get tired, it wasn’t easy to stay filled with the joy of the Lord. His presence was still there but negative emotions were felt and fatigue made things look a bit darker. What helped was waiting on the Lord. I would go to my prayer closet and shut myself in there. It would take me a few minutes to settle down but then I would just focus on Jesus until His peace invaded my heart and drowned my mind. I went through that many times. It mostly happened in the evening. I would wait on the Lord. Sometimes I would play some Christian music and listen or sing along. The goal was to stay focused on Jesus. When we wait on Him, He shows up. He doesn’t come physically but we become more sensitive to Him and that is how we win the battles! It is a lot better than a physical experience. He touches our spirits and leaves us with a presence that settles all matters.


I believe the enemy has many evil strategies and one of them is to make us think that we don’t need to recharge our spiritual batteries. He lets people think that physical energy is the most important one. It does matter but our spirituality is primordial. We connect with God through our spirits. When we are tired, there is a disconnect and we can’t communicate with the Lord that well. That is where the enemy wants the body of Christ to be. He wants to see a major disconnection from God in the body of Christ. The physical influences the spiritual so when we are run down we should rest. When I wait on the Lord in the evening, I usually just go to bed after that. I wake up refreshed and ready to go. It has become a habit.  I did go through years of wilderness when the Lord ceased to be my priority. I have been back to where I was before and more about 7 years ago. I still see the need to rest in the Lord and get my wings again. Nothing has changed there. Jesus needed to sleep and rest and to spend time alone with His Father. Spend time with your Father away from the crowds and your energy will come back. Spend time with Him one and one and He will reveal a new way of thinking and living to you. You will become strong again. Meditate on this message and you will see doors of rejuvenation open every day. Rest in the Lord, wait on Him and your batteries will be recharged!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 40:31; Job 36:5; 2 Corinthians 13:9


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