Stay in the house of the Lord

We can admittedly say that there are times when we are not in a good place. We find ourselves in a place where hurt is permanent, sorrow is always around and fear is dominant. I hate being in such a place. I hate being in a place where there is no hope. I used to live in that place until I got saved. After I got saved I left that place many times but I went back and visited way too often. It was very familiar and interestingly comforting. We can find comfort in pain because it is part of our human experience. No one has to be taught pain. It is easy to access and it is easy to find. God doesn’t want us to dwell in a place that is devoid of His love and of His presence. The Lord never intended for us to live in pain. That place where everything is dark and gloomy should not be our main residence. It shouldn’t be a “vacation place” where we can upload negative emotions and feelings. Today I want to encourage you to take a look at where you are. Think about what your spiritual and emotional residence looks like. The house of the Lord is your dwelling place. Stop moving around. Stop renting space in the enemy’s den when you have a home that is filled with love and peace. Don’t sign a lease for a place that will give you headaches. Stay in the house of the Lord. Know what it is like and do your best to remain there.


After I got saved, I became a spiritual nomad. I went around and wandered in spiritual places that were not always stable. I had the house of the Lord as my main domain but I would take trips and go visit places that had no business being part of my life. I often ended up on the street of sadness and on the avenue of discomfort. I wasn’t comfortable with who I was. I was a Christian who wanted to fit into a world that rejected Jesus.The Lord wanted me to be sedentary and to dwell in His house. Being a nomad got me into trouble. I thank the Lord for bailing me out on more than one occasion. What often happens after we get saved is that our spirits long for some stimulation and some thrills. Our spirits know that there is more to this life and if we don’t feed them properly, they will go search for some spiritual excitement or they will settle for a dull life. The enemy loves it when we decide to live in a house that has a sign that says “Spiritual dullness within.” He is not in favor of us getting closer to the Lord by any means and he would rather make us comfortable being lukewarm or dull than see us thrive in the Lord.


“I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever*” declared David. What are some characteristics of the house of the Lord? Goodness and love reside there. God’s presence is there. God’s mercy and grace inhabit His house. Peace, joy and all the fruit of the Spirit are on every wall in that house. The windows are sealed with the blood of Jesus. The roof is strong and nothing can destroy it because it is God’s protection. It is home. It is where you belong. You are always welcome in the house of the Lord and you are meant to stay there. Every time you are dragged into a sad house, go back to your house. Lift up praises. Clap your hands. Get into the joy room and celebrate the Lord. In the house of the Lord there is always a celebration. Jesus is magnified. He is all over that house and He reigns. Pray yourself back into the house when you step out. Thank the Lord for His house. Thank Him because everything you need is in His house. You lack nothing. You have more than enough and you can give some of your overflow to others. Life events will attempt to uproot you and take you outside the house of the Lord. Hold on to the Holy Spirit and to the Word of God and you will be able to dwell in the house where Heaven collides with earth. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:6*; Psalm 27:4; 1 Corinthians 3:16

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