Hold on to the Chain-breaker

When I was getting ready to pray the other day, the Lord kept whispering to heart telling me about the chains that people face. He said that He was the Chain breaker and that we ought to see Him as the One who can break every chain. It reminded me of Paul and Silas when they were in jail. I can picture shackles on their ankles. I can see the chains that kept them there. How did they react to their situation? The chains were there but they had joy in their hearts. The chains didn’t sadden them. They ignored their physical chains. They spent their time praising the Lord and praying despite the chains. Why? They had other chains that made them captives of the Lord. They were close to the Lord. Their hearts had chains around them that made them prisoners of the Gospel of Jesus. Those were the best kind of chains that you can wish for. They are chains of freedom. Chains that hold you in a good place. You might be facing some harmful chains right now. The enemy probably has you bound and captive to habits, addictions or to problems. Problems can be chains that weigh us down. Those chains can appear to be unbreakable. The chains of debts can seem to be permanent. The chains of sorrow can be overwhelming. The chains of fear can be too much. The chains of loss can be devastating. Today I am here to tell you that the Lord can break any chain. There is no chain too hard for Him. He can bring you deliverance today. He can set you free from what is weighing you down and from what is devastating you. 


A chain is a series of metal links that fasten or secure objects. The chains the enemy uses are physical, emotional and spiritual links that keep people fastened to negative circumstances. They keep people from moving in certain areas of their lives. The enemy is there to destroy, kill and steal so these chains allow him to destroy progress, kill hope and steal areas of our lives. He takes from people and leaves them no hope of recovery. His chains are meant to hurt and to paralyze. They stop us from advancing and from walking on our path. The enemy tries to erase the path before us and he meddles with God’s promises. One of the biggest chains he puts in people’s lives is the chain of doubt and worry. He is an expert at keeping people fastened to worry and doubt. Those two evil feelings blind us and delete faith. They kill joy and they destroy the foundation of our faith. However, God can break any chains. He is not intimidated by how long someone has been bound by evil chains or by the size of the chains. There is nothing in your life that Jesus can’t fix. There is no mountain too high that the Lord can’t overcome. Your chains might be looking more like a pile of suffering and trials but that pile was taken care of on the cross. Tell that mountain of chains to move. Speak to it and condemn it in the name of Jesus. It will have to go. It can’t resist the name above all names when that name is spoken in faith.


I am extremely inspired by how Paul and Silas reacted when they were bound by the chains of jail. They didn’t let the chains faze them. They continued to be who they had been. This is key. If you are trying to deal with chains today, remember that the chains don’t change the child of God that you are. The Lord in you is still the same. The Holy Spirit still dwells in you. Don’t let the opposition play with your mind and make you think that you will never be set free or that you don’t have what it takes to see freedom again. Freedom dwells in you. The Chain-breaker is right there with you. Instead of holding on to what is destroying you, hold on to the Chain-breaker. Hold on to Jesus. Fix your eyes on Him and let Him break those chains. Start singing. Praise Him. Make those praises loud and clear. Praise Him with songs and praise Him with your life. Continue to honor Him. Hold on to Him by praying to Him all the time. The chains will fall. Don’t look at them. Look at hope. Look at the promises. The chains will fall in the name of Jesus. When you hold on to the Lord, the chains can’t stay. Jesus breaks all yokes and bondages. Stay encouraged. The Chain-breaker is doing what He knows best when you do what is best. Praising Him, praying and being thankful is always what’s best. See those chains come off in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Galatians 5:1; 1 Peter 5:8; James 4:7

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