There is hope for you today

I could write about hope every single day because the Lord is full of hope. When you know the Holy Spirit, you know hope. He is the King of hope. He doesn’t doubt and He doesn’t fear anything. He is way better than any human beings at keeping hope alive. I used to think that hope was a temporary thing that came and left. I used to think that hope was forbidden. Limiting myself to “maybe” was all I knew. I didn’t know that I could go all the way to “hope street” and stay there. Hope street is where the Lord lives and He doesn’t travel to places where hope is non-existent. If you want to get to know the Lord better, try and find out more about what He says and believes about hope. Hope died on the cross but it came back to life. The message of the Gospel is a message of hope. Hope of a life with God. Hope of a life where Heaven collides with earth. Hope that never goes away and that never fails. Knowing God as a God of little hope is knowing God the wrong way. Today I want to reiterate the message of hope. Things are looking bad in the world but it doesn’t mean that hope is dead. Hope is dying in many people’s minds but the death they are seeing is a scheme of the enemy. The enemy lies about everything and he will make us believe that nothing will ever get fixed or that we might as well lose hope because there is nothing to hope for. The Bible contradicts the enemy. The Bible erases the lies and makes clear that Christ in us, the hope of glory. We have the hope to see Christ be magnified and win over all the attacks of the enemy. There is hope every single day, friend. On sunny days and cloudy days. Hope is here to stay. Jesus is hope and He is alive forever.


What do you need hope for? What is it that seems impossible in your life? Are you going through hardships due to the virus? Have you lost hope because you see a gloom future with no lights of hope on the horizon? I am here to tell you that your worst problems and your worst fears have an enemy. That enemy is the Lord Jesus Christ who conquered all your worst circumstances on the cross of Calvary. He did away with all of it and the secret passcode is faith. When you enter faith in the computer of your life, you will see that you have access to many applications and software that will change your life. Faith lets you into the world of the impossible with hope as the main guide.  Faith and hope work hand in hand. Faith believes without seeing. It knows that there is nothing to worry about and nothing to fear because God is in control. Hope believes that God is in control and the future is bright since God is in charge of everything. Hope puts Jesus inside the frame of any situation. Where there is failure and disappointment, hope sees restoration and situations changed for the best. Hope knows God has plans for us so it doesn’t worry about the enemy’s agenda for our lives. Being anchored in hope is a phenomenal way of being. My hope is in the Lord. When your hope is in Him, it doesn’t matter what the enemy throws at you. There is hope of a better day every day!


The Lord can never leave you. When you internalize that truth and hold on to it, hope is much easier to find. Greater is the Lord that is in you than the enemy that is in this world. This implies that the hope of a better day is always in you and it is stronger and bigger than the hardships and the difficulties you are going through. When I am down sometimes, I hear a song in the back of my heart. It is a song of hope that the Spirit of the Lord sings to get me out of the sad mindest. No matter how sad I get, hope is still alive. No matter how bad things get, Jesus is still the same. If you have lost hope today, remember that it can always be found. It is not far and it will be back. Jesus is with you. The creator of the universe is with you. It doesn’t matter who is against you because the Lord is always by your side. I pray that the eyes of your heart may see the light of hope that the Lord carries with Him all the time. That light is in you and it is waiting for you to awaken it with faith. Hope is here to stay. Don’t give up. Great things are coming your way. The Lord has paved the way and He will get in the way of what’s hurting you and bothering you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Mark 9:23; Hebrews 10:23; Philippians 1:6


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