Start the day with hope

Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering what the day is going to be like? Your first thoughts are manufactured by anxiety and apprehension and you would rather stay in bed than face the day? The good news is that the Lord will face the day with you. He wants you to replace those heavy morning thoughts with His light words. He wants to take your burden and replace it with His yoke that is never heavy and never stressful. Trade your thoughts for God’s promises. Every time those morning thoughts come, attack them with God’s promises. He promised a new day with new blessings. Talk to the thoughts and tell them what the Lord has to say about them. He calls them lies. He knows they are part of an intimidation plan and He has much better plans for you. He is planning to prosper you and to bless you. He is planning to take care of you and to help you. Your help comes from the Lord every day. You don’t have to deal with a new day with an old way of thinking. Reject the old thinking patterns that scream defeat and fear. God’s way of thinking whispers peace, victory and love. The enemy has shown  how much he hates you. Give the Lord a chance to show you how much He loves you. Let Him be in charge of the day. Give Him control by casting all your cares on Him. Take a stand. Refuse to succumb to worry and fear. God can handle any situation you will ever encounter. God can make things right even when everything seems wrong. The worries on your mind will not change your circumstances for the better. They will only make things worse because what you think about a lot ends up becoming your reality. Let God’s reality come through. Let Him be the One who is guiding you throughout the day. Let Him dictate what your day is going to be like. It’s going to be amazing according to Him.


I make it a point to start my day with the Lord before my day starts with the world. I meditate on some scriptures. I meditate on God’s promises. His promises reassure me and they comfort me. I declare what the Lord says about my life. I focus on His love knowing that He won’t let me down. It is crucial that I begin with positivity because negativity doesn’t take a nap during the night and it is right there waiting for me when I wake up. I say, “No, not today. Today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Yes, I tell my body and my mind that I will rejoice. My spirit knows that I can. I just have to convince the rest of me that I will. It does work because I believe in the power of confessing the Word of God. It brings change and it brings results. This is something I do every single day no matter how I feel. It comes with practice and it surely pays off. God is with me every day. He matters more than my problems and more than the world. The world will try to squeeze in complaints and criticism in my mind first thing in the morning and that is when I retaliate with praise. Praise like I have said many times, allows the Lord to come into the scene in a big way. Praise makes me so joyful. It puts a smile on my heart and it appeases my mind. God has a lot of good things in store for the day for you and me and we can access His goodness through our words of faith and through our hope in Him.


“Today is going to be amazing”‘ is what I have trained myself to declare in the morning. I love proclaiming how great my Lord is and how amazing He is going to make things today. I know that there will be tribulations but I don’t worry because Jesus conquered them all. When a problem arises, my heart says “Stay strong. Jesus already got this one.” Then the goal is to stick to that truth and to make sure that I don’t fall into the trap of second guessing the Lord. When we doubt, we second guess God. We basically wonder if He is God enough. He is more than enough. He is way stronger and bigger than any trial and tribulation. God remains constant. The world changes but He will never change. Your worst nightmare could not even change Him. Your mind changes Him by twisting His sovereignty every time it inflates your troubles. Friend, God will always make a way. Stay encouraged by His Word. Face the day with His promises. Don’t give up on God when bad things land on your lap. Shake off your lap and let your problems fall off. God will pick them up and destroy them. You have great things to look forward to. Look forward to a day where Jesus is king, your problems have solutions, love reigns, peace surpasses all understanding and joy is in the house! Start your day with hope in Jesus Christ every day!

Suggested reading: Psalm 118:24; Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 15:13

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