Did you hear the good news?

Have you been watching the news? Watching the news nowadays can be a very stressful situation. It is good to stay informed and to know what’s going on but when we can’t control the narrative and we are presented with biased information, our level of anxiety can go through the roof. I like to read the news online and decide for myself. I have some sources that I like more than others and I make sure I don’t get lost in the media’s representation of the facts. My main source for news is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I use His Word as my filter for everything I read. The world has its own facts but so does the Lord. The good news of the Gospel often contradicts the news of the media. The media says we should be very worried and we should expect the worst. The Lord says we shouldn’t worry and we shouldn’t fear. He has good news and His good news is constant. That is the beauty of it. No matter what happens in the world, “God has already happened.” No matter how bad things get, God will always be better. Our problems, our bad news and our struggles can’t compete with the good news of the Lord. Friend, your storm might be gigantic today but the Lord can still quiet that storm and make it stop bringing winds of fear into your life. Trust the One with the best news. Trust that Jesus is still here to heal, bless and set you free.


Jesus is anointed to set the captives free, to proclaim the good news and to proclaim freedom. There is always good news with the Lord. If what you think you are getting from God is a message that fills you with fear and anxiety, you are not hearing from God. Cut off that source. Don’t listen to that message. God will never tell you to start worrying and to plan for the worst. He is practical but He is also supernatural. He wants you to wash your hands and cover your face but He will also protect you and bless you through this hard time. He has the power to do what no humans can do. He has news for you and the news is that you are blessed and highly favored. Blessings are following you wherever you go. Stop looking for your next trial. Keep thanking the Lord for your present blessings. Stop asking for trouble with doubt and fear in your heart. Release the doubt and the fear. Work with the Holy Spirit to receive divine peace that surpasses all understanding. Focus on the God of miracles. Focus on the God of the supernatural. His good news will get you through every day and it will give you joy to face anything that might come your way.


Just like anyone else, I love good news. I love receiving a nice phone call with exciting news. I like finding an email in my inbox with some terrific news. Above all I love opening my Bible and reading God’s good news. The Word of God puts me in a great mood. His Word puts an end to any negative thoughts that stem from the bad news in the world. I know what’s going on in the world but I also know what’s going on with the Lord. With Him nothing is impossible. With Him all bad things can be worked out for my best. With Him hope is a daily reality. With Him love always triumphs. With Him tomorrow is taken care of and today is a nice present. With Him bad news can’t last. With Him solutions are abundant. Listen to the good news of the Lord more than you listen to the news of the world. You will be able to stand and keep walking even when everything around you is falling apart. Jesus came to proclaim good news and freedom. Hear what He has to say. Pay attention to His words. Embrace His freedom. You are not a slave to the adversity. You were set free and you are still free indeed in Jesus’ name. Enjoy His good news. Guard it in your heart and let your mind hear it over and over again! Did you hear the good news? Jesus died for you so you can live an abundant life! He is still alive!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:8; Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18

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