Stretching your faith

This year we have had many opportunities to stretch our faith. I like to call bad times and trials opportunities to walk in faith. It is during those times that we find out what our faith is made of and how far we need to go on the faith walk. There are times when we can walk a few feet and other times when we have to walk miles. The faith walk can be strenuous and it can be hard but it is always worth it. If we endure and stay in faith we will not only see miracles happen but we will also develop faith muscles that will help us carry bigger loads in the future. When the enemy tries to pile up heavier negative circumstances on us, we will have the muscles it takes to deal with the heaviness and give it all to God in faith. Faith is about trusting God no matter what. It is about looking at the impossible and not being fazed by it. I like to say that faith lives in the realm of the impossible made possible. Faith looks at circumstances and says “Thank You Lord because you have already handle it all.” Today I am inviting you to embrace the faith opportunities and to see them as times or seasons when you can stretch your faith.


You and I dwell in the shelter of the most High. God is our refuge and our fortress. We are well-guarded and we are well-protected. If we guard and protect our hearts, we will be able to trust that God is indeed our refuge and our fortress. When we let our hearts be troubled, we remove a layer of protection that keeps us anchored in the Lord. If we let our circumstances twist God’s reality in our hearts, we are losing the good fight of faith. The good news is that we may lose battles but we can also get back on the horse of faith and keep on going. There is no doubt in God’s mind that He can save us from any danger. There is no doubt in God’s mind that He can help us, bless us and turn our situations around. Doubt comes to our minds and that is what we need to fight with faith. Bad things are bound to happen. We can’t escape from them so it is advisable that we become resilient in faith and that we stretch our faith so we can deal with the next ball of trouble life will throw at us. Our mustard seed of faith has to grow at some point but not necessarily as much as we can think. Jesus said that a seed was enough to move a mountain. The key is to have faith in our faith at times. Having faith that we have enough faith. Bad times and bad circumstances help us get a better idea about the extent of our faith. Let’s welcome the trials of life and see them as stepping stones for greater things. They are meant to break us but they can build us up and strengthen our faith.


When something bad happens to me, my first thought is now,”How is God going to get me out of this?” I used to wonder how I would get myself out of my problems. You see, God is my refuge and He is the One who takes care of my problems. What I need to do is stay in faith. When a challenge arises, my faith is ready to take on that challenge. The goal is for me to stay focused on Jesus and to feed Jesus to my mind otherwise I can feed all kinds of crazy thoughts to my head. The good fight of faith is a fight where we are consistent and we don’t waver. We stay strong and we hold on to hope. If hope seems lost, the fight leads us back to hope. Stretching our faith implies resisting the temptation to give up. I talk to myself a lot. I use words from the Bible, encouraging words from the Holy Spirit. I say them out loud and they help me stay on track. The Spirit of God is the best coach when it comes to stretching our faith so I give Him a voice by repeating what He has said. I persevere and I look forward to when my solutions come but I also stay encouraged in the moment. I praise the Lord when the going gets tough. Friend, keep praising the Lord even when you are hurting. Stay with the praise. Keep being thankful. You will stretch your faith and you will grow spiritually. Don’t give up. Your Refuge is going to get you through this!


Suggested reading: 1 Timothy 6:12; 2 Timothy 4:7: Ephesians 6:10-18

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