The beautiful voice of God

What does God sound like? I have never heard His audible voice but I hear Him every day. How? In His Word. I look for places where I can hear Him all the time and His Word is the number one place where I can hear the beautiful voice of God. He speaks through every word, through every scripture. I don’t read His Word as a novel. I read it with intention, with devotion, with an open heart and with the Holy Spirit. I read to hear. I don’t read it to interpret it according to my human experience. I read it so it transforms my human experience. God’s voice declares life. It changes life. God speaks and miracles happen. God speaks and creates. God speaks and love is loud and clear. God speaks and comfort and encouragement are made available. God speaks and the opposition flees. God speaks and fear is silenced. God speaks and joy is manifested. God speaks and trouble “gets into trouble.” God speaks and the sea is parted. God speaks and revelation pierces your soul. God has a voice that can’t be denied. Open the Word of God and read it with a meditative heart and a mind that’s open to hear His heart. God’s gentle voice will speak volumes into your life so you can in turn be the spokesperson for love, faith, hope, redemption, mercy and grace in Jesus’ name.


When you study the Scriptures and meditate on them, they stay with you. They pop up throughout the day. They show up when you need them the most. They get into your heart and make themselves comfortable there. Those verses are the voice of God and they get activated in you by the Holy Spirit. He reminds you of the Word and gives you fresh insights and challenging yet encouraging revelation. The key is to spend time in the Word and to prayerfully seek the voice of God. It is ok to ask for revelation and to ask the Lord for an open ear so you can hear Him. I ask Him to open the eyes of my heart. To be able to see His revelation I have to have open ears because I can see what I hear better. I need an audio file along the video files He downloads into my heart. Seeing is hearing. When you tell someone “I hear you” you are saying that you see what they are saying. God has a lot to say and we can see what He is saying when we are willing and open to hearing from the heart. The ears of our heart give us access to some of the most profound secrets in the Word of God.


God has a subtle and beautiful voice. His voice echoes His Word and it always comes with love, reassurance, encouragement and life. God’s voice brings life. It never points toward death. It never speaks of failures. It never discourages and it never speaks of defeat. The Lord conquered death and all its negative agents so He will never magnify the negative. If you hear a subtle voice that tells you to give up or that says that things will never get better, know that you are not hearing God. It is amazing to know that we can hear God’s voice. He says in His Word that we can. We are His sheep and His sheep hear His voice which means this is something we should expect as followers of Christ. Today be assured that you can hear God’s voice. Look for it in His Word. He is louder than you think. Open your Bible and expect great things!


God’s voice is beautiful because it is always filled with love and intense peace. His voice makes the noise of confusion and fear stop. His voice is a force to reckon with. It speaks the truth and it speaks freedom. If you are feeling oppressed or heavy today, look for God’s voice. His voice will soothe your soul and heal your wounds. His voice will be the melody you need to stay in peace and to feel joy again. His voice is indescribable and yet it is tangible because it touches you to the core. His voice is the song that never stops. He sings over you and He rejoices over you. His voice is a river of blessings that drown your misfortune and your misery. Jump into the river with both ears first. Listen to the voice of love, the voice of reason, the voice of liberation. The beautiful voice of the Lord might be muffled by the sounds of the world but if you take the time to dig, you will find the beauty under the ashes and you will be highly blessed. God is always talking so keep listening and become His voice to the world around you!

Suggested reading: John 6:63; John 8:47; John 10:27

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