You are so blessed!

I often talk about the lies of the enemy and how the more we hear them, the more we believe them. They end up becoming our reality. They form a world that is not founded on God’s promises and that is where we live for a while. Those lies need to be denounced. The enemy needs to be called out for what he is trying to do. This web of lies needs to be removed from our minds. The spider on that web can look way bigger than it is and can keep us in a state of fear for a while. The Lord is bigger than the spider that is intimidating you today. Jesus won against the enemy on the cross. That is the reality that you and I should be enjoying every day. Yet we live defeated lives because we are captives of the thief and the killer who should have no control over our lives. Today I invite you to claim your life back. Call out the enemy and call on the Lord. You are blessed. You are highly blessed and favored. Learn how to live that out. Learn how to dissociate from the lies. Step on that spider with the footprint of the Lord. Walk in faith. Walk over the lies. Walk over the web of lies. God has many blessings for you that will drive the enemy crazy. You can reach that level of blessings when you are in sync with the Lord and His Word. The lies stop now. It’s time you proclaimed God’s reality for your life. You are so blessed! Thank the Lord for that!


Imagine you were able to walk 5 miles without stopping but something had been telling you that you couldn’t walk past the front door of your house. Imagine you had the power to walk and go forward but your mind had convinced you that only other people have the power to walk so you better stay home and not move. That is what happens too often with the enemy. He tells us that we can’t go anywhere and his negative thoughts paralyze us. We stay in one place afraid of making a move. We stay in a place of pain and sadness thinking that peace and joy are not for us to enjoy. We miss out on blessings because we believe that those blessings are not for us and could never happen to us. The Lord said that we would know the truth and the truth would set us free. The truth of the Lord is there and it can’t be changed. His truth indicates that you and I are blessed. He calls us blessed. We are blessed indeed but the power of negative thinking prevents us from accessing that truth. When the enemy screams his lies, we ought to sing praises to the One who blesses us. Let’s replace the lies with God’s truth. Let’s speak up against the lies and walk in the truth. Your blessings are here, friend. You are so blessed that the opposition will do whatever it takes to derail you and to demoralize you. When you are in that defeated state, good things can’t come to you. You don’t have faith in the blessings.


The goal is to move on from the lies. Getting in agreement with God is a great solution. Make a contract with God by focusing on your covenant with Him. State the terms of the contract by speaking God’s promises and blessings over your life. You have to be diligent and you have to be relentless. Go over the contract in your mind over and over again. Have those promises close by and read them out loud as often as you can. Keep them in your heart. Recite them. Sing them. Do whatever works best for you but do something. This requires some work on your part and it will always pay off. When a lie pops into your head, say that you are highly favored and blessed. When financial fear shows up, declare that the Lord is your provider and that you will lack nothing. It may look differently but don’t look at the world’s appearance, look at God’s assurance. He assures you that He is for you and He is blessing you. You are extremely blessed and when you speak blessings over your life, you experience them on a different level. Your words have the power to bring good things to pass. Stay positive. Stay anchored in the Word of God. Keep your eyes open to God’s truth. Silence the lies and amplify the volume of the Lord’s truth. You are so blessed that blessings are overtaking people around you. It’s the reality that you can have in Jesus’ name. Claim it. Embrace it and live it!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Numbers 6:24-26; 2 Corinthians 9:8

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