What happens when you are filled with God’s Word?

Yesterday I woke up hearing “The battle is still going on but Jesus won the war.” I heard it deep down inside over and over again. I also heard “Jesus is more than enough and His grace is sufficient.” Out of the abundance of the heart comes revelation. If our hearts are filled with doubt and doctrines of the world, those negative things will speak to us first thing in the morning. If we fill our hearts with God’s hope and His Word, God will speak to us first thing in the morning. I used to be a huge fan of music. I listened to different types of music including Christian music but it wasn’t the main genre I gravitated toward. What spoke to me first thing in the morning were lyrics of songs that depressed me or that gave me a false sense of peace. I knew those words too well and they made up the frame of my thinking to the point where I could barely get out of that negative structure. I knew about Jesus’ victory but defeat is all my heart could see. I couldn’t understand why I was so down and why things always went astray even though I believed in the Lord. 


My problem was that I believed in the world more. My cup was full but it was mostly filled with the wrong water. I was thirsty for spirituality but I kept drinking the negativity. I could say that my cup was overflowing with the wrong content. God should be our number one. That is how it works. That is how we win the battles. That is how we can thrive as believers. That is how we are intended to be. Today I want to encourage you to fill up your cup with the Lord. Let Him fill you up to the brim. Let Him give you what you need. Replace the world with the Lord. Your heart will speak to you  and say exactly what you need to hear at the right time. Let God be the overflow in your life. Cut off the junk that is making you drown on the inside.


I get so encouraged when I hear uplifting messages from the Spirit of God out of nowhere. Those messages seem to hit home even more first thing in the morning because they set the tone for the day. I listen to them and I repeat them to myself through the day. When Jesus says that His grace is sufficient for us, He means it. He means that we have nothing to be afraid of, we have nothing to fear because He is more than enough for us. Our problems could seem to be a lot but Jesus is much more than those problems. Let’s not be intimidated by how big our trials are. Jesus already judged and assessed the situation and He says “I can handle this more than easily. I’ve got it. Nothing is too hard for Me.” Those are words that touch your heart and pierce your soul. You feel comforted, protected and strong when you hear them. You need to hear them and you can get to that point of hearing them all the time when you put the right words in front of you. Put the words of the Lord in front of you as much as you can. Read His Word. Pray His Word. Sing His Word. You need to get filled up and you need to stay full of Him. Ask the Lord to saturate you with His presence. Ignite the process by giving Him first place.


When discouragement comes, we have two choices; we can give in to it or we can fight it. I suggest fighting it every time. Fight it with the weapon of praise and fight it with the word of your testimony. Let that word be a word of how great your God is. Don’t let the negativity get to you by making you say all the wrong things about your situation. You see, misery loves company and when you start having self-pity parties, you end up with a host of negative agents that keep you in a negative cycle. When negativity comes at you, fight back with positivity. It may sound simple but it does wonders. There is positivity in you. The Lord is in you and He is the most positive One there is. Dig deep inside of you and extract the Lord’s positivity. The more you do it, the more it will become a reflex. Those positive reflexes can save you every time. They are habits that we ought to develop. Watch what you watch! Watch what you listen to. Watch what you allow in you. There is so much junk in the world that wants to form a pile of garbage in you that will turn you into a dumpster of sadness and defeat. The enemy will dump his worst lines into your spirit and prevent you from rising up when you fall. Don’t feed your spirit junk. Give yourself manna from Heaven. Feed your spirit the good Word of God.


I like to thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit. I thank Him every single day. Isn’t it just amazing that His Spirit dwells in us? I emphasize it and it is so real to me. It guides me and it steers my thinking in the right direction. It points me toward the ocean of hope and I ride the waves of peace every chance I get. I still have to fight the good fight of faith every day but I have an Insider who gives me all the information I need when I need it. The Holy Spirit is the Insider who knows it all and who can give us all. I rely on Him and He speaks. He reveals. He gives. He counsels. He encourages. He shows up. He shows off. He shuts down the enemy. My prayer is that you and I continue to get filled with the knowledge that the Lord is more than enough. His love is the most powerful force in the universe. We have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Let’s stay filled up with the wisdom of God. Let’s stay encouraged and let’s stay strong in the Lord.

Suggested reading: John 8:32; John 16:13; Ephesians 5:18

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