How we can stay in the present

I have great expectations and I always look forward to what the Lord is going to do in my life. Sometimes those expectations take over and I spend more time in the future than I do in the present. I received a message the other day about the importance of staying in the present. It was an old message that I needed to hear again. “Staying in the present” sounds like an old adage that has been lost lately. With all the things that are going on in this world we don’t want to stay in the present. We want to fast forward and get to the better part of our next chapter. We want God to end the current paragraph and move on to the next page as soon as possible. Now, the next passage might be a continuation of our current story and the story might last a little longer than we would like it to last. The Lord’s message when it comes to dealing with our present condition is to stay in the present. We shouldn’t rush to the next big thing. We shouldn’t desire to be anywhere else but here. You might say that being here and now is like having a nightmare we can’t wake up from. Staying in the present means enjoying life now and not waiting for (a better) life to happen. It’s staying focused on Jesus today and seeing Him in this moment. Today I want to encourage you to be present and to explore what today has to offer. Today was created by the Lord and He said that you and I can rejoice today and enjoy the day. What can you do to stay in the present?


Faith is believing in things that we haven’t seen yet. It is being confident that God will make a way and that there is nothing to worry about. Faith gives peace because it gives us the assurance that God is in control no matter what. Exercising our faith allows us to stay in the present. Faith says “God is in charge so my future is taken care of and I can enjoy His peace now.” Faith removes worry from the present since it (faith) knows that the future is bright and nothing is impossible to God. Faith looks at the now and sees potential, miracles and breakthroughs. Faith loves the present because it understands that anything can happen now. Faith sees opportunities where doubt sees disabilities. By disabilities I mean limitations and disadvantages. Doubt says that we have limited space to move around but faith sees the vast space of possibilities where we can thrive now. Now is the time to have those “wow moments” and those moments happen when we look at the Lord and stay fixed on Him. The Lord is more than amazing and He is incredible and if we spend today seeking His face and celebrating Him, we will rejoice in the present and see what faith wants us to see.


When we live in the here and now, we take the time to walk at God’s pace. God is everywhere. He is in the past, in the present and in the future and what we have now is the present so we might as well spend time discovering what God is up to now. He is always active and He is always doing great things. It’s good to look forward to what He will do but we shouldn’t forget what He is doing now. God is blessing you and me now. God has a plan for our lives that involves the present. Do you know what God is doing for you now? If you have no idea, slow down and walk at His speed. Pray that you can see Him now. Ask Him to open your heart to His present blessings. God loves you today. God blesses you today. He is doing things for your life that require your attention. He is speaking into your life and He wants you to hear the songs He is singing over your life. Being in His presence is a major blessing and it is happening now. Worship Him now. Praise Him now. Pray to Him now. Listen to Him now. Remember that God gives so we can give to others. Staying in the present is receiving from God now and giving what we get to others.


You can stay in the present by blessing someone else today. God’s love that has been poured into your heart shouldn’t be limited to you. Open the gates of blessings and start giving people peace, love and joy. Be a servant of the Lord today and be a servant of others today. God wants to use you at this moment. Pick up cues. Look for signs of what He would like for you to do. Be present by being a servant. Let today be a day of giving and loving. Give part of today away. Be the present that someone is looking for today. Serve with a humble heart. Serve without thinking about the future. Look for ways to help and ways to share the Lord today. There is so much you and I can do today. We don’t have to wait until tomorrow to touch the lives of people around us. Staying in the present means taking action now. May your actions be a reflection of God’s love for the world today. Let your words be used by the Lord today. Stay in the present. Cherish what the Lord is doing at this very moment. Look for the Lord in the present. He will be with you in the future. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Rejoice over today!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:18-19; Matthew 6:34; Ephesians 5:15-16

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