God is never at a loss for words

As a high student I was pretty confident in my abilities in school. I thought that there was nothing I couldn’t learn and nothing I couldn’t understand except maybe for Math but I did whatever it took to learn. I was a bit cocky intellectually and it spilled into my spiritual life. I became too confident too fast and I thought I had all the answers until a problem would arise and I would fold under pressure like a chair that had been sat on by the weight of trials and tribulations. Everything was fine until things went wrong. What I mean by that is that as long as I didn’t have to face challenges I believed that I could face anything. Life put me back in my place and I lost that cockiness very quickly. Now, I don’t see myself as having all the answers. I find myself puzzled often and even though I know God is in control, I try to control Him so to speak by predicting how He is going to help me and bless me. I dictate what He should do. It never works that way and I have gained an understanding that I should let God be God and take Him at His Word. When I am at a loss for words because I don’t know how to talk back to the adversity, I know God knows what to do. He is never at a loss for words. He has all the words required to repair and fix everything. 


God has the words it takes to deal with any situation. He talks back to the enemy in a calm and control way. He is never taken aback by anything the enemy does. He doesn’t stumble on His words and He doesn’t go silent when problems get loud. When I don’t know what to say, I now let God do all the talking. I borrow His words and I let them roll off my tongue and hit the ears of the enemy. The enemy can’t stand God’s words so we need to feed them to him until he runs away. He will always come back but if we resist him he will flee. The more we do it, the more ammunition we have for the next time he shows up. Today I want to encourage you to trust that God is never at a loss. Your situation might seem huge and dramatic but the Lord can deal with all the drama and He is bigger than the pile of all the problems the world will ever face.


God is never at a loss for words and we can understand that when we look at His Word. He has many words for many situations. He has all the words we will ever need in this life. He has answers for everything and He is never stomped. I got stomped a few times in school despite my intellectual arrogance. Getting stomped is a bad experience but it is also very humbling. It helps us more than we think. God doesn’t have to go through that kind of experience. He will never ever get stomped and that just boggles my mind. When we embrace how God can never be stomped, it opens a whole new way of seeing things. It opens our minds to a God who is larger than life. He truly is and we need to get to the place where we accept that. New problems that we have never gone through before can create major anxiety because they destabilize us and they shake our faith. New problems necessitate a fresh coat of faith. They require an extra layer of confidence in God. When we know that God can never be shaken, that extra layer of trust is there and it comes in handy when we face new challenges. Look at how Jesus responded to people. He always had something wise to tell them. He was calm and composed and sure of what He said. The confidence that Jesus displayed in His Word is still alive today. He can help you with anything because He knows without a doubt that He can do anything. He can tell you exactly what to do with confidence because He knows He holds the truth and what He says comes to pass.


God is never at a loss for words and His words create life. God speaks life into the most devastated situations. God speaks life where there is death. When hope is dead and peace is buried in a grave of chaos and anxiety, the Lord resurrects them with His words of creation. God can speak into your life today when you have no idea what to say. He can turn things around. He can call things into life. His faith has no bounds and as a child of God, you have access to what God speaks into your life. Get on His  page. Trust and obey. Give Him free reign in your life. Let His words be yours. He can stomp the enemy through the testimony of your faith. You are made invincible because the Lord who can’t be defeated is speaking blessings over your life. Don’t focus on the enemy’s words to your mind. Those words don’t hold any power unless you give them power. Replenish your head with words that are filled with love and faith. God is never at a loss for words so when nothing comes to mind, let God fill your mind. You are going to make it in this life because the One who creates life is in you. Let Him express Himself through each and every word you utter. When you give God first place, you are never at a loss for words. His words become yours and you are eloquent, confident and strong in Him. God is never at a loss for words and even when He seems silent, His words are still working in your life. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: John 6:63; Hebrews 4:12; 2 Timothy 3:16-17







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