Scare your fears away

Fear is a tool the enemy uses against everyone because he knows it’s the opposite of faith. He tries his best to keep people from believing and from living a life free of fear. Someone who believes in God and who has no fear is a problem to the enemy. Someone who applies the Bible to his or her life and who has love that excludes all fear is a danger to the enemy. Perfect love doesn’t know fear. We Christians can attain a level of love that is void of all fear. We have so many fears that it is a real process to get rid of them. Only the Lord can remove fear and leave a clean slate of love in its place. When you get impacted by God’s love, fear is dissipated. It can’t stay where God abounds. It can’t stay where God’s love reigns. It can’t stand the goodness of God. It can’t stand the Word of God. There are ways we can conquer fear and God can assist us. God can scare your fears away when you put your life in His hands in faith. You can speak against the fears in your life and scare them away. Speak up against fear and worry by speaking the Word of God.


The Lord tells us not to fear hundreds of times in His Word because He knows that He can stop fear in our lives. He knows that when we take His Word and shove it against the fears in our lives, the fears have to fade away. He tells us to be relentless and to persevere in all we do. In order for us to win the battle against fear we have to persevere and keep pushing against it. Like I said, love is the power that neutralizes fear. It has to be part of the equation if we want to solve this problem. We can declare that we are loved by the creator of the universe and therefore we don’t have to be afraid. God our Rock and our Refuge cares about us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Let’s not be discouraged because His hope is always there. His love and protection will shield us through any storms of life. When we declare the truth of the Word of God against fear, we wage a war that we can’t lose. Fears try to separate us from God but nothing can prevent the Lord from loving us. We can put pressure on our fears by exalting God’s love for us. Fear hates love. The more love-conscious we are, the less power will fear have on our lives.


We are the redeemed of the Lord and we belong to Him. Do you ever think about that? Do you ever remind yourself that you belong to Jesus? The Lord has called you by His name. You are part of His family. Fear will attempt to break that family bond by overwhelming you with negativity. Fear brings other negative agents with it and it is a disastrous domino effect before you know it. Fear punches you in the head and in your heart. It gives you butterflies that wouldn’t be pretty to look at if you could see them. I picture dark and morbid butterflies when I think of what stress causes. Those butterflies are not entitled to be part of your life and you can rebuke them. You can rebuke fear and scare it away so that it hates being around you. The enemy will always come back and try to destroy you but once you have established a rhetoric that discriminates fear, you are good to go. The goal is to constantly put fear down and slam it with hope and with the power of the Word of God. Give it a chance. Scare your fears with God’s love. Fear doesn’t want to hear that with God nothing is impossible so tell your fears about your invincible God. Lift Him up above the fears. Refuse the fears. When they come with their scary agenda, show them what God has to say about them. He says they died on the cross. Remind them of their death and let your faith rise up. Scare your fears away in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Psalm 18:2; Isaiah 43:1; 1 John 4:18

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